A Good Citizen Essay for Students in English 800+ words

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A Good Citizen Essay  –  A good citizen is one who follows the rules and regulations of constitutes of the nations. Whenever we hear the word good citizens almost all the people feel relief in their hearts. A good citizen people always get respect from other peoples too.

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A Good Citizen is Good for the Citizens

A good citizen comes from a good, well-disciplined, and organize life. Without those terms, a person cannot carry the tag of a good citizen. A family with great wealth can’t have value without acquiring the value of a good citizen in their life. As a good citizen are always respectful and praises by all. Good citizen

In considering the Value of good citizens one might want to know- How to become a good citizen. The further explanations let you know how to apply good citizens in your daily lives. A good citizen does not mean to care only the relatives and family members only. A good citizen is good for the citizens

It should be just like the person who is actively active in the needs of the community or the society. Some volunteer to be active in the community. Community access the many social works which can only be possessed by a good citizen. Social works include sanitation programs, security, annual programs, plantation, health, educations care programs, etc that are good for the citizens. (A good citizen essay)

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Whom We Call a Good Citizen

A good citizen always has some basic and rare quality of being a good citizen. The best quality of a good citizen is the honesty and trustworthiness that one of the good citizens must have in their social livings. This is the best character to identify the nature of a good citizen. A good citizen includes the facts that the person of every individual should access.

 Every social being lives in society and society means the rules and laws that every individual of the nation should follow laws of it. Whom we call a good citizen.

A good citizen always knows the value of the nation because when it comes to the nation, the first and foremost important thing is the constitution that means the rules and laws made by the country. The peoples those who are under the nation’s laws they are seems to be happy and peaceful, such person whom we called a good citizen of the nation. Following means not doing illegal things that harm the nation’s laws. The person who does not follow means, they are punishable and criticized by society.

A good citizen knows the importance of the rules and laws. Because a good citizen if follow the rules it will keep himself and others safe whom we call a good citizen. Law indicates the rules for the people to follow in a community to live a life peacefully.  

Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

A good citizen not only has the responsibilities towards the family members only it also has some responsibilities towards the nations. Obeying and following the nation’s responsibilities is one of the major roles or vital roles for a good citizen. Responsibilities of a good citizen.

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It is our responsibility to always think good for mother earth and our own land area. It is our Duty and Responsibility to follow every rule and regulation applying in the country for the benefit of the local people. (Responsibilities of a Good Citizen)

It is our Responsibility and Duty to pay taxes to the Government timely which represents the character of a good citizen. The responsibilities of a good citizen are respecting and honoring the political rights of every people given by the government. Each and every Civil right should be respected and should be visualized by the good citizen. Every wrong activity is against the Government so one must raise the voice to protest it and play the responsibilities of the one common man by showing a Responsibilities of a good citizen

Common Goal for a Good Citizen

A good citizen always stands by his countrysides whether they remain in or outside the border of it. The best quality of a good citizen is to respect every people’s emotions and feelings towards their respective culture and traditions. A country is not a country by the number of lands or the border of it, it is called a country because the people living in that country having a common goal of development and progress of the country which can only be understood by a good citizen. ( Goal of a good citizen).


A good citizen means the value you possess through quality character and honesty. It is the combination of the loyal, honest and true which oneself character with the discipline manners in every way of life.

A good citizen always gives priority to the family’s happiness and well-being. A betrayal of family means poking the value of the citizens. Every reward and honor is priceless without devotion to family, so a person must possess the quality of a good citizen. 

A good citizen automatically encourages and promotes a good son/ daughter. It helps to improve the relations between family members and friends. So, one must be a good citizen for a happy and peaceful living. (Good citizen essay)

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