An application for the post of an English teacher

An application for the post of an English teacher:-

                                                                                                                                                                      12th Nov, 2020

    The Principal
    Everest English Boarding School
           Subject:- Application for a Secondary Level English Teacher (teacher post vacancy)
Dear Sir,
  With most humbly and kindly here I am present with the application as the school requires(teacher job) well-experienced English teacher have been informed recently published through the advertisement. I am eligible for this honorable post with a fully dedicated and energetic English teacher. I would greatly love to show the following particulars for your honest consideration. Application for teacher post

   I have been teaching as a secondary level English teacher at Balmiki English Boarding school for 4 years since I have completed my M.Ed. majoring English from T.U. As I am trained by the expert teacher and I am excited to serve my own native place. So, I am determined to serve your institute. A letter to a father

  I would be grateful if you would kindly provide the opportunity to offer my experienced, caliber, sincerity, and devotion to your institute. My curriculum vitae, testimonials, and other necessary documents included that will tell about me in more detail.
I am looking forward to getting your favorable response as soon as possible.
  Thanking you.

Yours faithfully
Kiran Dhimal

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