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Child rightsAccording to Wikipedia the child rights are the human rights of child particular attention to the right of special protection and care afforded to minors. The history of child rights dates from the 19th century and they were in action to protect the children by providing education with love and affection. 20th of November celebrate as the universal children day or the International Child Rights Day all over the world. All the big buddies say that child right is necessary to safeguard, care, love, legal protection during their physical, emotional and mental immaturity stages.

Child rights must act as a child comes to earth

Child rights are the rights that must act as the child comes to this world. Every child has the right to live and survive with their self-dignity and beauty with their life. A child gets its rights from his/her birth. Its the mother who first shows them the cares, affections and looks after them. After the year they grow older with some experience of a social being. They should give proper affection, primary health care, a balanced diet, basic needs, quality education, etc. as per their necessity to face social needs.

Children should give the freedomĀ 

Children should give opportunity of playing and interest of knowing. The rights movement of child rights is consider as the distinct rights from the youth rights movement because it spans the field of law, politics, religion, and morality.

They are the future pillars of a nation as they are the foundation of the progress or development. If we care about our children properly they will be physically and mentally healthy. Some children are passing their miserable and sorrowful life as some are orphans and many are homeless. Most of the children get torture or discriminated in the name of job, caste, religion, sex, etc. They are deprived of the opportunity of education, health care, and basic needs.

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Child rights enhance them to concern their life in a progressive way, they should be free from the social victims, trafficking and abuse. Many organizations in the world like UNO, CWIN, UNDP, UNICEF, etc are the agencies that help in protecting child rights by focusing on several rights of children that are under the act or rules of child rights.

Child Rights should be Protect and save

Child rights rivers to the freedom of the child from mentally as well as physically. It is the law that keeps the child as the freedom of expression to the world meeting their necessary items while succeeding in their desire.
Rights means to survive with equal love and care as they treat their own child. Child has to right to born without any discriminations of genders. It includes all the law as both the boy and girl have the right to study with minimum standards of food, shelter, and clothing.

Every child has their own way of living their life so we must respects their dignity too. Whenever the child gets humiliates or gets demotivate, they must be protected from all sorts of violence, neglect, and always encourage proper and positive lives that are suitable for the society and make them good citizens for the nation.

So, that in the future they can lead the generations with proper guides and protections as they were. There should be equal participation without any limitations of the cast, religions, or the geographical structures with an equal amount of freedom of opinion.
They have the right to relax and play. All children have rights and so those rights must be protected and save.


The child rights concept should actively act in every nation that means they should get good schooling, joy, happiness, learning, and togetherness. The government should organize the social awareness programs of child rights, the importance of their childhood days that helps them in surviving and developing their generations.

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