Best Essay on Importance of the Rivers

Best Essay on Importance of the Rivers-600+ words


River The word river means a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake, or another river. It is a strip of water that flows through many places. It begins in the mountains, underground spring or the hills when melted snow and rainwater gets collected. The beginning of the river is called the source and the end is called a mouth. It is a characteristic and constant progression of water in a long queue over a nation into another waterway or the ocean. At first, several very narrow streams of water join together and form one large stream. This stream widens in its course.

Rivers are the Daughter of the Mountains

Rivers are so much importance to the human life without the rivers social life on the planet cannot be imagine or the suppose. River is the source of water naturally. The river water is comes from the mountain as we called the river as the daughter of the mountain. It is narrow at its birth or the origin. The river becomes wider and wider as it is flow down towards the plain area of land. It may get the water from the rain or fed by the melting snow or ice on the mountains.

The river we seen may be the main rivers or may be the branch rivers. It falls into the sea or lake. The river becomes full in the rainy season. During the flood the river looks frightful and danger. In summer it looks dead. The water of the river is clear in the Autumn and spring season.

River is the friend of all. People drink the river water. Farmer uses river bed and its water for agriculture. We use the water for electricity. River water is used for the industries. The river water brings silt and depositions in on the field at the time of flood. Sometimes the river washes away all. Many creatures like crocodiles, fish, frog, snakes live in rivers. Now the water has been polluted. So , we must keep the river tidy and clean.

River as the natural streams

The river is natural streams of freshwater that has a current. It can be different sizes and most of the terms the name of the river as different some called the river, rill, creek, brook, etc as the name of the river. Rivers plays a significant role in shaping the earth through erosion creating geological formation. It makes the places as fertile and eco-friendly for the animal. The state or the cities connected with the river are prosperous and progressive. The river is of great help to the farmers where they can provide an adequate amount of water for the field to cultivate at any time. If there are too many rivers than we cannot have any drought and famine.

The river is the Beautiful art

 It contains the freshwater well by freshwater means the water that is suitable to drink. Most of the people in the world are depending on river water. The ocean water contains 70% water but that is not suitable to drink because as we know it contains saltwater which is not good for health. If we talk about the river, the longest river called Nile river stretch 4k miles long in central Africa and the biggest river Amazon river located in south America contains 20% of fresh water, so we must develop the value freshwater because in the content of population growth one day we will not able to see the single drop of freshwater. Every penny freshwater has its own great value than any other thing in the world. All the production and fertilization depends on the river water.
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As Irrigation helps in agriculture. It helps in drinking water, people can bath in a river, they can wash their clothes, articles and several other things. Rivers helps in trade and commerce smoothly. The landlocked countries or the places who have a lack of road facilities mostly depend on the river for transporting goods from boats.
The river current is used to generate electricity that supports the whole village and cities in running their life out of the darkness. The stream gives us an excellent sight normally which is the joy and awesome to us. All the animals and birds are more concern about the river to survive. The river itself is a beautiful art of nature whose journey ends when it meets a lake or the sea at a point called a mouth.


 The river is important for being as it is best gift by the nature but it has also some drawbacks behind the good purpose, when it rises above the average people become homeless and helpless. Sometimes it occurs a vast flooded and destroyed many crops, cattle and people which causes great loss to the country. So, on the contrary although the river has done some harm in the social animal which we could not blame to nature we the people destroying the quality of nature and as a result river’s harm is the action by nature, with all its importance and necessity, the overall  river is a blessing to us as it helps the earth creatures in many ways.

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