Climate change causes, effects, and solutions on it-1000+words| Essay

Climate change causes, effects, and solutions on it-1000+words| Essay

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Climate change

Climate Change – The average weather over a longer period of time in a certain area is known as climate. Climate includes average temperature, rainfall, and sunshine of a certain area. Large-scale and long-term change in the earth’s climatic condition naturally is climate change. usually, we can consider a change in temperature and weather for the long term is climate change.

Causes of climate change

Before climate changed naturally but well talking about today’s condition climate is change due to several ill activities of human beings. There are some causes of climate change given as below:

1. Manufacturing goods:

Producing energy for making necessary things like cement, iron, plastics, steel, clothes, etc from non-renewable things which are known as fossil fuels is one of the causes of climate change. This kind of fuel produces carbon dioxide gases which create problems in the climate.

2. cutting down of trees in huge amounts:

The second cause of climate change is cutting down of tresses in huge amounts for industrial purposes. We all know how much forest is important for maintaining the balance of climatic conditions. Green forests are sources of rainfall and they also absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release fresh oxygen for living creatures of the earth. Due to deforestation earth’s climate lose its balance and we have to face an extreme level of hotness in temperature.

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3. generating energy:

We all know that maximum energy like electricity and heat is produced by burning non-renewable materials which cause a huge amount of problems in the climate globally. Greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide gas are produced which cause global warming and change in the condition of the climate. So overuse of fossil fuel for generating energy is also another cause of climate change.

4. uses of plastics products:

We can easily see that the maximum products are covered by plastics. The things which we consume are also found in plastic things which directly destroy the balance of climate and as a result, we have to face climate change problem which is not good for all the living creatures all around the world.

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Plastic products are very harmful to the climate because they are maximum non-renewable products and are destroyed by burning them. the gas produced from them is like poison for the earth’s climate. So, excessive use of plastics product is also one of the main causes of climate change.

5. uses of different fertilizers and manure:

Production of foods and fruits is possible when there is the use of different fertilizers and manure. The greenhouse is made for that purpose which produces gas which creates problems in a healthy environment. If the environment is getting polluted then it will slowly create problems in climate as a result it will change in temperature and weather.

6. less use of renewable sources:

As we all know science is creating history in new innovation of different materials but as we see they are not creating anything new which are run through renewable sources. There is the least number of organizations that are run from wind, solar, and other renewable sources. This is also one of the causes of climate change.

7. transportation:

Today’s people are very busy they use transportation on daily basis. Cars, trucks, ships, means of air transportation are the main reasons for to change in environmental conditions. Daily production of smoke that comes from transportation creates air pollution and then it will slowly show changes in climate. Excessive use of transportation is one of the main causes of climate change. These are some main causes of climate change.

Effects of Climate Change

With the causes of climate change, there is always an effect too.  Let’s know some effects of climate change.

1. Unusual temperature:

Hotness or coldness condition of climate is temperature. Due to climate change, the level of hotness and coldness will be very high. Excessive hotness and coldness make living creatures difficult to do their daily activities smoothly. it also creates the end of some living creatures which don’t have bearing capacity.

2. Over rainfall:

Over rainfall is also another effect of climate change. Timely rainfall will be decrease and untimely rainfall will increase. Over rainfall will create problems for all the creatures of this world. Landslides, floods, soil erosions are caused due to over rainfall.

3. Excessive amount of melting glaciers:

Mostly when there is extreme heat in weather the ice will rapidly start to melt which directly increases the volume of oceans and seas. If the volume of oceans and seas is increasing it will create several problems for livestock.

4. Global warming:

The slow increase of the earth’s atmosphere temperature in the world is global warming. This is one of the serious effects of climate change. Global warming will cause an effect on a planet that is very dangerous for all the livestock.

5. Starvation:

The condition of death of people due to lack of food is starvation. Due to climate change, there will be changes in the production of foods and create starvation. We all know weather plays a very important role in the production of crops and weather is related to climate and if there is a change in climate it will sure affect the production of foods.

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6. Health problem:

Changes in weather increase the number of diseases and death ratio of people. New and unknown kinds of diseases are found in the environment which causes several health problems like lack of protein, vitamins, and others. This is because people cannot grow sufficient foods due to climate change.

7. Unemployment, poverty:

People have to face unemployment problems due to changes in the climate. Floods, landslides, and soil erosions destroy a huge amount of health and wealth which will cause poverty. Due to changes in weather people cannot work door to door which will create unemployment problems.

Solutions to climate change

To reduce we can take some actions which are given below:

1. Uses of renewable sources:

If there will be an increase in the use of renewable sources then we can control the uncertain condition of climate because maximum transportation, factories, and industries are dependent on non-renewable sources.

2. Uses of electrical vehicles:

We can minimize climate change by using electrical vehicles which are run by electricity compared to those vehicles which are run by petrol and diesel.

3. Planting trees:

Planting trees can reduce many problems related to the environment. One plant for one person should be adopted as we all know that trees help in purifying the air and help to maintain proper balance in the earth’s temperature because trees can make soil cool as fertile.

4. Developing habit of walking:

We should develop the habit of walking for a short distance which helps to make the environment healthy and clean. We are getting the habit of riding vehicles for short-distance which make our body unhealthy and cause a problem for climate as well.

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5. Avoiding plastics products:

Plastic products help to make the environment unhealthy and dirty. Environment-friendly products should be innovated so that we can create a healthy and clean environment for all livestock.

6. Cycling or using public transportation:

If we use cycle or public transportation for our daily use we can minimize smoke which helps to improve the condition of the climate.

7. Proper use of green vegetables and food:

If we don’t waste foods and vegetables then there should not need to produce more vegetables and foods. We all know farmers use different chemicals for the production of foods and vegetables, if we consume a limited amount of foods and vegetables farmers don’t use chemicals for more production of foods and vegetables which also helps in the improvement of the climate.


Climate change is not a good option for every species on planet earth. Human being activities are the main causes of climate change. In this current time, climate change is a major issue for mankind. Climate change should not be taken as a minor incident. If this is not controlled then all species have to face the worst situation in the coming future which can’t even imagine.

So to overcome the government should come up with ideas and solutions to work on climate change.  Planting more trees is one of the major ways to protect the climate. Only trees can save nature as we know planting trees means saving tomorrow.