essay on a Flash Flood- 800+ words

Essay on a Flash Flood- 800+ words


Essay on a Flash Flood – A flash flood means the continuous flooding in the land due to the heavy rain with numbers of storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. In another sense, it is the large flow of water destroying everything that comes to its path.

Flood is one of the disasters causes by certain activities in nature as we called them the face of natural calamities. It mainly effects by the below land removal as by the uncertain activities of water hit land and shake the upper area of land and cause much destruction to a social animal called the flood.

Mostly the flood occurs near the area connect with the river or the housing area near the high hills area. A flash flood means the flood caused by the hit of the water with the high and uncontrolled water to the base of the land area. It mainly occurs when the flow of the water rises and the balance is being lost by the block of the land area. Flash flood essay.

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A flash flood is the removal of the soil or the cutting of the land by the overflow water. It is the time when the skies continuously pour the water into the lands and causing floods. In the evenings, the rain was usually accompanied by blinding flashes of lightning and defeating peals of thunder. Most of the residents in my area remained indoors.

Describing the Flash floods in own town

The town where I live faces the river. After several days and insane rain of water in the town, the level of water rises in the river so that the swollen river burst its banks and unleashed its fury on the residents. Many houses and the peoples just carried away by it. Some residents are save by the guard and other rescue teams.

Although our area was a flood-prone area but was the sudden and surprise incidents of heavy rain which were far from the monsoon season. Every year, the monsoon would bring heavy rains to this area but the sudden floods in recent days change the whole scenario of the residents which caused so much trouble and jitters among the people of the residents.

Damaging the man’s Property

All the houses are cover by floods. Due to which the heavy downpour also triggered the landslides causing further damage to houses and the man’s property too. It also affects the huge on the traffic where many vehicles are jam and some motorists are seeing pushing their stalled vehicles while many were block by the log of woods and soil too.

When the rainwater didn’t stop for a couple of days, people start to evacuate to the higher ground and some safe places. Many people have shelter in the room of the school’s class and where some are in the area of the temple as the temporary relief center by the local people. During the floods, most of the residents did not have the time to save their belongings and loving liabilities. Several local people are isolated in the area after the means of communications and transportations are cut off by the floodwater.

Global news

Many people become homeless and helpless by natural calamities. In securing such problems faced by the people, various and several authorities and administration people were spread to help and supply the necessary items to the flood victims.

They also manage the medical care center for those who get hardly injured and wounded by unknown activities during the floods. Heavy rain also brings the strong winds that fallen down the trees from the roots. Due to which the many roofs of the houses were ripped off and the moving away by fierce and wild winds.

Floods cause an adverse effect on the agricultural land too. Where the many cultivated lands become the misery place by the over collections of the water and almost all the farms land were dispose of by it.

The forest becomes the juggling area of the cut-off trees from the roots. Many animals get homeless and some are being killed by the overlapping of the trees on them.
Floods are uncertain incidents that cause a huge effect on the life of the social animal. In this scenario, many people around the country make the global news in the support of the victims of the floods.

Return to Normal life

The heavy rain continues to the week, the rain finally shows the signs of the less raining and the open sky is showing and is clear too. The people seem to be cheerful and relieved after effect by the floods. Finally, people start to communicate and transport and return to their homes. After a couple of weeks of uncertainty and chaos, people’s life return to normal as before.

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