Essay on a Street Quarrel for Childrens-300 words

Essay on a Street Quarrel for Childrens-300 words

Essay on a Street Quarrel

Street quarrels are so common these days. We hear of one quarrel or the other every day. They cause a lot of excitement and lead to serious consequences. Last Monday, as I was returning from school morning. I saw a large crowd of people gathered in front of a shop. There were great confusion and noise. I at once understand that some sort of quarrel was going on. I went there out of curiosity to know what the matter was and found that a shopkeeper and a Sikh customer were quarreling over a trifle. The customer paid five rupees less than the actual price of the thing. The shopkeeper resented it and was red with rage.

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 Matters came to such a pass that they began to exchange hot words. From hot words, they came to blows. The matter which is an ordinary one assuming serious proportions. A few people from nearby quarters came to his help. Some others saw this and sided with the Muslim shopkeeper. It now grew into a clash between two groups. I realized the seriousness of the situation, at once intervened and I stepped between them and tried to separate them. One man showered blows on my head and called me names.  I pleaded with him but in vain. Brickbats are throwing at one another. I saw some persons bleeding very profusely. They had received serious injuries. I saw one man lifting the other up and throwing him headlong with all his might. What a sorry spectacle!


   The police arrived in no time. Both the shopkeeper and the Sikh customer were marching off to the police station. They were taken to task there. They promised to behave better in the future and were let off.

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