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    Afforestation The word afforestation means the development or progress of a forest or tree in an area where there was no previous tree cover. It means planting a ‘new’ forest. Afforestation promotes humanity to plant trees. In other words, we can say that afforestation means securing a better future for the coming generations. We all know that our future depends upon a clean and pure environment because a better environment means a better future or better tomorrow. So, afforestation enhance mankind for planting more trees. 
The value of forests in the 21st century is far more important than anything else for human needs. It plays an important role in the development and savings of generations of people for the future. In this world, we call the computer world, it is in a state of motion of change every minute. It is human nature to alter the development of calls or advances. Every year the world’s population grows exponentially because of overcrowding that means the loss of many of the world’s trees that directly affect the forest areas. This is also called one type of deforestation.

Afforestation means to plant new trees

Afforestation is the process of planting the land with trees to build a forest. overcrowding and deforestation are causing significant environmental degradation. People move to the forest and cut down trees for farming and settlement. Overpopulation is a major cause of deforestation. Everyone has accepted it.

Much of our forest is seriously damaged. There is a saying that the wealth of each country is in the forests. Green forest means the presence of natural resources that is better for all living species. There is no official data on how much forest is left in the world now because every minute of the trees was cut down because the whole country is facing floods, landslides, starvation, soil erosion, famine, drought, etc. The high hills with fewer trees cause landslides and people being killed and much property will be destroyed.

The afforestation is the needs of the time. It is the best solution to many problems by climate change. If we keep our environment and nature system good for a long time means saving future generations. But if we can’t then people are aware of the effects of deforestation. So, We have to plant new trees we called afforestation.

Human role in Afforestation

Human is the intelligent being on the planet earth. Intelligence is the power of human beings.  All other species on the planet earth do not know the importance of trees for living and surviving on this beautiful earth. We know in terms of misusing and cutting down trees are only done by the human because other species are far from the universe intelligence.

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We are the only human of causing all haphazard and degradations of the environment because of our wants and desires. Every year the environment is getting worse because of cutting more trees and lacking in the planting trees. We only focus on taking from nature but we lack in giving back to nature in terms of planting trees(afforestation), and other things that are beneficial to nature. So, it’s the human role to protect the forest and nature from vanishing or degradation. Human role in saving the forest is great responsibilities for us because there is saying ” With great power comes great responsibilities”


Afforestation is the most important program every people in the world should follow to save the future. For that awareness programs should be conducted among the general public for the benefit of the forest. People should be encouraged to create their own forests. So the public forest should be quiet among the local people. Forests can conserve soil. Some seasonal rains are also important. Rivers, hilly areas, and uncultivated fields must be put to good use by planting trees.
Afforestation can help conserve wildlife, herbal remedies, and a number of other things that are important for mankind. Forest conservation is equally important. Strict laws should be enacted to protect forests. Since people do not know much about forests, they cut down trees for various purposes. People should be educated about the negative effects of deforestation and the beauty of the forest, which means that afforestation helps to balance the earth’s water cycle that develops humanity in the world for many generations.

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