Essay on Agriculture in Nepal for students-300+ words

Essay on Agriculture in Nepal
Agriculture in Nepal


Nepal is an agricultural country. Many people live in villages. All of them depend on agriculture. More than 70 percent of the people are farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of the country and economy ports our daily food. The advancement of our nation relies upon horticulture. It causes the spot of advancement to go rapidly.

Agriculture is Necessary

There are many causes of the fall in agriculture. Nepalese farmers depend on monsoon for irrigation and planting their crops. The heavy rain washes the top level. Farmers have no ideas on how to get rid of them. The problems of irrigation are great. Ranchers come up short on the improved seeds and compound composts. They follow the old and unscientific methods of cultivation.

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They use unscientific tools. There is a problem with transportation. Most farmers are untrained. The farmers do not have the proper knowledge and skills about how to protect the fields from the drought and lack of modern concept of technology on protecting the fields appropriately, it additionally upgrades that the mindfulness about the horticulture must be important where the monetary issues endured them back so the land residency is exceptionally disputable.


The are some steps to improve agriculture. The government should provide the importance of agriculture in our life’s to all the public. An irrigation system should be improved and must be updated each new cycle of thoughts begins. The government should provide the methods for scientific farming on how to care the farming in the worst condition on supporting them also by providing the compensations to the farmers on losing economically.

There must be an improvement in land tenure. Farmers should have awareness about their farming. Agronomists should have to send in villages. The development of the nation depends on agriculture. If agriculture is growing in good condition without any obstacles then the life status of farmers and the nations can be well improved.

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