Essay on an ideal teacher for students-400 words

Essay on an ideal teacher for students-400 words


An ideal teacher- The word ideal methods the “visionary individual”. We all social animals in this world are not perfectly educated by the gift of nature, we need a process to learn the education and that mostly depends on an ideal teacher that means a good teacher. There is saying
There are men and men,
                        Each stone isn’t a jewel.

An ideal teacher or a good teacher is very rare. An ideal teacher does not define only the teaching strategies but also it enhance how his characters give significance to others also. They are the gems of each and every institute.   They have a changeless impression upon the psyches of their young researchers.

An ideal teacher helps the nations in building better generations for the future that makes nations more progress and develop with acquiring logic and emotions. It is the combination of the feelings that helps to understand the emotions of the other in other’s life too.

Ideal teacher shapes for developing 

An ideal teacher is not heaven-born, he is very much earthly, but he possesses heavenly qualities of head and heart. He is a friend, philosopher, and guide to his students. He is a master of his subject. His knowledge is vast and deep. He shares his reading with his students, inspires, enthuses them and loves them like a father, and forgives them like a mother. He is full of concern for them and tries to understand the difficulties. He deals with them sympathetically and tries to shape and mold their character both by example and precept.

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An ideal Teacher active in extracurricular activities

An ideal teacher is actively involved in extracurricular activities so that it helps them in maintaining physical fitness. As fitness is the key element in the success of getting better health conditions and can be available for any sort of activities that are beneficial to the societies and the nation.   He is discipline-disapproved, however, his control is genuine and authentic. It is not the discipline of the rod. His appeal is always to the heart. He respects the personalities, sensitivities of his students and always encourages them. He bears with their failings and shortcomings, controls with a smile, a joke,  tries to win their love and confidence. He also respects other’s privacy and supports others in their difficult time too.  

He appropriately accepts that the right way to deal with the arrangement of good propensities, great ethics, and great physical well-being is training. This educational approach has to be one that evokes the right response and trains for the right conduct. The most suitable method is through activities that are pleasurable. An ideal teacher takes an active part in sports, hiking, and excursions.


A perfect educator makes careful arrangements with his exercises. He prepares them thoroughly and never goes to the class unprepared. He gives the best in him. An ideal teacher is the very picture of simplicity and nobility. He never gives up truth and integrity,  does not sell knowledge, and does not try to add to his income by tuition work. He is not a teacher by chance or compulsion, but a teacher by call (vocation) and choice.

An ideal teacher is an honor to his profession and an asset to the school.  The school is proud of such a teacher, and he is proud of the school. Such ideal teachers are the crying need of every nation in the world. Every nation should produce more and more an ideal teacher the improving its generations over the modern era.

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