Essay on Computer- 450+ words

Essay on Computer- 450+ words


Computer– The word Computer signifies “an electronic gadget for sharing and preparing information, regularly in twofold structure, as per directions given to it in a variable program”. It is a device for storing and analyzing information fed into it. The first computer was a mechanical computer that was created by Charles Babbage(1833-1871), and in addition, Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer. The COMPUTER stands for:
Common Operating Machine Particularly used
for Technological Engineering Research.”

Requires Train Manpower

It was a great invention of mankind in the field of technology. The use of computers has been so widespread that we call our times the Computer Age. A computer is an electronic machine of common purpose that can be program and organize to carry out a predetermined set of logical and arithmetic functions.

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It can take input or the instructions-often known as programs, and execute them. It requires preparing labor to deal with and utilize the computer. One has to do a course at different levels to becomes a computer expert.

Computer store Data for future

The computer has several uses. It has replaced the system of keeping or storing the records in files safely for future use, has a system called ‘memories’ that keeps every record in a neater and precise way. It can cheaply print books as well. Today in the modern world or we called the computer world the Scientific computerization has been a must for growing industries, banks, and business companies. It saves both time and labor, very reliable device that can carry with us and use anywhere and anytime, allows users to make changes in the already stored data as well as stores new data that can be applied for the future.

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It is a new technology that is used in offices, banks, educational institutions, etc and the present world has achieved so many goals and objectives in the field of modern technology world. It’s the computer that makes mankind visualize outer space at a certain time. In each period of the PC world, each new form of the PC acquaint with the world with high limit, successful, simple to deal with, and more capacities. It has made our life easier, using this we can easily learn anything and enhance our skills.


However, it will be hasty to conclude that the computer is a necessity in a poor country like Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, Cambodia, Afghanistan, etc. Thousands of educated people are still wandering unemployed all over the country. A single computer can accomplish a task in a day which can hardly be done by many persons on the same day. As a result, the problem of unemployment continues. Thus, the computer plays an important role in human lives and has a very special role and has made our lives way easier.

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