Essay on Dog for Students and Children- 350+ words

Essay on Dog for Students and Children- 350+ words

Dog as Domestic animals

The dog is a domestic animal that is love by most of the human beings in their houses.  It is kept for the security of the house and has a strange power of smell. It is useful for human beings if it is trained and kept properly.

Carnivorous animal

The dog is a four-footed animal. It has long teeth that are use to eat the flesh of other animals. It has a big head and two long ears. Its two eyes are bright and strange. It has a short, curly tail and has long claws in its feet. It has a very strong body. The dog is discovered everywhere throughout the world. we can see various sorts of dogs.

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Some seem to be simple but some others are very strange. We can find the dogs in different colors. Some dogs are big. They are very powerful and are carnivorous animals but they also eat rice and milk.

People are Fond of keeping dogs

The dog is faithful and useful for us. It guards our house. If a stranger comes closer to our house, it barks at him loudly. It always barks at night. It never sleeps soundly. If we have a dog at home, the thieves cannot break into it. It is also use to arrest the criminals by the police, can use it for hunting, too and has a strange power of smell. When it finds its master, it becomes happy and wags its tail. Because of the above reasons, many people are fond of keeping dogs at home.

Faithful and useful animal

The dog also has some disadvantages if we do not tame it properly. It may bite strangers when they come to our house. the dog which is not well – trained may bite anyone except the master. It becomes as well as humans beings.
We can conclude that the dog is a faithful and useful animal if we train it properly. We can get many advantages from it so we must make it neat and clean.

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