Essay on Electricity with its importance in Nepal-300+words

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Essay on Electricity with its importance in Nepal – 300+ words


Short Essay on Electricity with its importance in Nepal - 300+ words
Short Essay on Electricity with its importance in Nepal – 300+ words

Electricity is cheaply generate using water power or by other mechanical processes. So, it may call hydroelectricity, biogas, solar, wind power, etc which serves in different geographical areas. Electricity was designed by Faraday, a British researcher.

Importance of Electricity

It is used for lighting our houses. We get heat and power from it. We use electric power to cook foods and to drive machinery of all kinds. Electricity can be used for driving trolleybuses, trains, and cable cars. The radio and the television are cheaply designed to work with this power. It is electric power in our life that has helped us get to the Computer Age. If the productions or supply of electricity stops for a short period of time, we are put to great difficulty and inconvenience.

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Power is our valuable worker yet it tends to be a risky foe as well. Hence, it is a power that we must use with our care. An electric shock can kill any of us. We must make sure the wires in our houses are strong and no bare metal can be seen. Bare wires may touch each other and make sparks which can causes fires. We should never dare to touch an electric switch with a wet hand instantly. Bare wires can give us a deadly shock. In order to avoid the stroke of lightning, wires must be earthed.


Nepal is next to Brazil in terms of water resources. We have many big rushing rivers. Henceforth, we can create electricity substantially more than we need. We can sell it out to our neighboring countries and earn foreign currency to spend on various sectors of development.

Many local technical institutes should be open without delay so that we can prepare the manpower required to work in this field. At present Nepal Electricity Authority is responsible for the distribution and development of electricity all over the country.

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