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Flood The word flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry. It is a very large amount of water that covers usually very a large area. In the rainy season, rivers are full to the brim.

Flood is the result of heavy rain or other natural disasters, a river receives too much extra water, actually so much in excess than what it can carry, so this excess water overflows from its normal path onto the nearby dry land. So, a flood is a natural event that occurs when a piece of land that is otherwise dry, suddenly submerges underwater. It is an incidental thing or sudden event in nature. The word FLOOD stands for:-
 Filling Lots Of Overflowing Drains

Floods affecting the social life

Floods mean the overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits. It is generally caused by heavy rains or the melting of the huge masses of snow and ice in the mountains. The floodwater destroys standing crops, mud houses, and trees are uproots. It is usually followed by epidemics which sometimes take a heavy toll on lives.

This also hit the crops which were ready for harvesting. Rice and cotton area came under the sheet of water of rains and suffered waterlogging. Flood is one of the terrible natural calamities that we have experienced, especially in rural areas. It happens for several causes. Heavy rainfall in the hilly areas is the natural cause and the release of barrage water in the large volume is the artificial cause of floods.

When floods become devastating, it takes away the lives of miserable people and domestic animals. Crops of the vast areas wash away. The suffering of the common people, especially homeless people, knows no bounds.
The scarcity of drinking water for fulfilling the thirst becomes acute and sometimes cholera and enteric break out in an epidemic form. Consider the attraction of the situation, relief work is done by the Government, state, and by some social welfare organization.

Regions effecting By floods

Flood is the worst nightmare for the poor people who are surviving near the river for a better life. But floods can occur almost anywhere in relation to the face of nature. There are many ways that cause the flood, mainly the flood is because of rainfall and some other reasons are- storm surge, cyclone, tsunami, high tide, dam failure, melting snow, etc.  Heavy rainfall is the main cause, some times the rain falls continuously and heavily for days together.

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As we know that most of the rainwater which falls on the plains and mountains mostly flows into the side of the river. On receiving the water more than it can hold, the river overflows its banks. The melting of snow on the high mountains is also the cause of the flood. The floods are more likely to occur more in the lower ground than the higher ground as by the natural behavior of having water from higher to lower.

This is why mostly the plain region is mostly affected by the flood. When there is excessive rainfall it caused the flood by a sudden rise in the river. Therefore it so happens that while men and animals are asleep at night, and water can spread all over their houses and some may be swept away by the flood with their houses.

rescue during the floods

A flood is an enormous amount of water. If the street is full of water then the scenes of a flood are horrible. When there is a high flood, water becomes dangerous for men and animals, which can destroy the houses in a minute. All the things which come on the way of the flood can fall down and carry off. It can ruin crops, animals, pure water, etc. Due to which there is drought and starvation.

It also carries various kinds of water diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, etc.  According to the survey, a flood killed most of the people and animals that means it causes more loss for mankind than any other natural calamities. During the days of the flood, most of the people organize the flood rescue workers for rescue to several places. They distributed food, clothes, medicines, water, blankets, and other basic needs to survive as first aid for them, which is a great relief for them. Each victim’s people should co-operate and share each other needs for maintaining peace and harmony.


Too much of anything can also lead to a flood, so human beings must know the value of every natural thing. People should always focus on the prevention of trees in the village area. People should organize the program of planting trees because it’s the trees that hold the land strongly.

We cannot stop the flood once it starts but can be a plan before it can face the problem, the river water should be distributed in large areas by making the canals, strong dams can be made to store the excess water of the rivers. People should not throw the waste garbage in the water so that water flows smoothly and there should timely check the activities of the river during the rainy seasons.

The government should make a strong wall beside the river so that it can hold the pressure of water on heavy rainy too, providing the knowledge of Eco-friendly engineering and providing the awareness programs of the value of river in our daily lives. So we should not welcome the flood because it is a great evil to us.

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