Essay on Friendship- 300+ words

Essay on Friendship



 FriendshipFriendship is the feeling of mutual regard and attachment among persons who come in contact with one another in everyday life. Like to like is the law that governs friendship.
There is a friendship between persons with the same temperaments, tastes, and ideas. Without sympathy and selfless sacrifice there can be no true friendship.
     Man is a social animal. He must mix with others. A man who lives in solitude is either an angel or a beast. But the majority of the men are not angels. They must, therefore, associate with others. The sorrows and hardships of life make man feel this necessity. A friendless man stands alone.
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A great friendship is truly blessings

It is easier to make enemies and dislike persons than to make friends. The reason is that true friends are very rare. Everyone whom we meet and converse with, cannot be trusted as a friend.
It is desirable that we should select our friends with the greatest care. When once we have won them, we should take care not to lose them. There is saying :
         Those companions thou hast and their selection attempted,
             Catch them to thy soul with bands of steel.
False friends are more dangerous than real enemies. They are like poisoned milk and we must avoid them.  ‘ Distinguish a true friend from a false one’, is a wise saying.
True friendship demands certain qualities in friends. These are mutual love, confidence, toleration, and willingness to forgive. Friendship is doubly blessed. It renders prosperity more brilliant, and adversity more bearable.
A true friend, however, is a great blessing. He is a great medicine for all the ills of life, helps us like a shadow and remain us in time of need, follow with us through thick and thin. He is a great corrector of our faults. His counsel, his sympathy and his help, lightens our anxieties.


 True friendship means to love and this demands sacrifice.Greater love than this no man has laid down his life for his friends“. said, Jesus Christ. But alas! true friendship is as rare as it is beautiful.

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