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Friendship The word “friendship ” itself is the pleasing and amazing word when it is heard or listen, that means the relationship between the two persons seems to be love, care, share, affection, etc. In our daily lives we all meet, play enjoy, etc but the friendship is different whom we believe as deeply as ourselves, it is the relations exits between the persons of similar thoughts whom we share our every secret than the parents. During the student’s and children’s periods, friendships play an important role in making wonderful memories of life.

Friendships for life

Man is a social animal. He cannot live without the company, he needs someone to share his joys and sorrow and wants someone to play with and talk to. Every man is different from the other. Be that as it may, there are some basic focuses between the two. Those who have common interests and temperaments may become friends. In any case, their friendship goes on for a brief time-frame.

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It is the relations of bonding between two persons. We all are social animals living in a common society, so common feelings and sentiments are necessary for friendship. It’s the friendships that our students and children life becomes more adventurous real friend is a great source of joy in life. We can spend our days cheerfully in the gather of companions. Man cannot live alone. A true friend shares our joys. our life is full of joys and troubles.

True friendships

It is the friends and their friendships that make the living more adventurous without the friends the life would be boring and deserted one. In this modern world, everybody wants to desire of good friends to make life more comfortable by taking and giving process. But a true friend is rare in the world, the people are struggling to survive and searching for a better life they are more concentrate on their work due to which the value of friendship is decreasing day by day. So, it may be temporary relations for everybody.

Selfish friends are many. When we are in happiness, selfish friends gather around us. In days of sorrow, they run away from us. But a friend in need is a companion(friend) in deed. Real friends are those who help us in trouble.

We must be careful in choosing friends. A true friend always loves and respects his friends. He never deceives him. Only a fortunate person gets a true friend in this world.

True friends never let you down

Friendship is the most valuable relationship in the life of person. Real friendship is the relationship of low or more who trust each other and do not expect anything in return. People mostly prefer making friends of same age , caste , does not matter in a friendship Friends should be chose lead carefully because good friends lead us on good path, whereas had friendship may spoil our life by leading us on wrong path. Our bad time make us realize us about our good and bad friends.

Friends can be affected by many means like misunderstanding can lead to breakup in friendship. True friends never let down their friend and always motivate to become a better person. True friendships is the connections without blood relations in giving encouraging life. It is hard to imagine life without friends.

People in the name of friendship support each other forever without any greediness. In loving and caring each other every day, the friendship become more stronger and built the strong relations as a brothers.

Friends stands by sides

Friendship is the sense of equity and equality in their mind knowing the needs and wants at what conditions the friends is going through and support anytime every time. Dedication and trust are very necessary to maintain a friendship for a long time. Sometimes greedy people become unable to leads their friendship for long because of the lots of demands and lack of satisfaction.

Some people make friends just to fulfill their interest and demands. But searching the true friends in the crowd is just like the finding a pearl in the ocean which is more worth value than any other. Real friend does not mean to support only in the good times, it is the relations who stands by sides to support in every obstacles of life facing the problems.


 Friends are the part of our life. Without friend we cannot live alone so friend is our necessary part. Meaning: nobody likes to live alone. We all have the habits of mixing with other people. Friendship is the sincere blessing gifts by god to man. A true friend increases our happiness in prosperity and decreases our misery in adversity. He corrects our mistakes and faults and helps to show the correct directions and helps in needy time. Friendship is also the face of sacrifice for our good. True friendship is above all praise and all prices. A friend who stands and support by us in our difficult is a true friend.

A true friend love does not die with depart or death. It is the permanent relations of human being that we makes with others in connecting heart to heart connections rather than blood relations. We multiply our joys and divide our sorrow with friends.

The friendless man is an object of pity. False friends are harmful and dangerous. One good friend is far better than the many false friends. Prosperity brings friends and adversity tries them. We get many friends when we are fortunate but false friends desert us the moment we fall on evil times. They pretend to be friends to gain their object. They are friends as long as we are in a position to help them. We should be very careful in the choice of our friends. We should make friendship only with the good men and always avoid evil company.

I Hope all have a friends in making your life a good journey.

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