Essay on Good Health

Essay on Good Health -500+ words


Good health is a state of a body when it remain fit and the state of peaceful mind, it is the most valuable possession of students, children and for all creatures too. whenever we compare everything towards health than everything seems nothing towards it, in reality, the real wealth of man is his/her health. What is the use of wealth if a man cannot digest food or enjoy any eating things? Therefore, it is fully true that “Health is Wealth”. It is God’s gifts. It is a great blessing to human life that good health is the cherish for living beautiful life.

Good health is the most important factor that no other things in this world can be ever compared to it. We can say it is priceless or we can relate as immortal to the human earnings. One can never buy good health at any cost.

Importance of Good health in life- Body

Good health is just like the good engine of any transportation to run smoothly. Every people in the world wants to have good health, it does not mean for it, people should eat a lot, it is the fitness of the body. It should be free from all kinds of diseases. It keeps us happy, cheerful, active, smart, positive thinker and alerts. Apart from this, a sound body has a good mind. A rich person who is not physical and mental healthy, they cannot enjoy their life. He/She is the most unlucky person in the world. A poor man is far better than this rich man.

Good health is the state of mental health, it defines how fine you are in several situations, the matter is remaining in a calm and peaceful condition. Good health is the condition of non-existence and the absence of all bad thoughts and worries, waving out the positive wave for others.

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It is the condition of the body that is gain with great effort doing consisting of body exercise, it is based on the practical method without applying the body as an active worker of exercise than it is impossible to achieve. It is followed by the same rules in life but some people do not follow the rules of nature and ruin their health. They eat, drink and smoke whatever thing they have nearby them. Fresh air, nutrition food at proper times, regular exercise, sound sleep, rest are some essentials of good health. Whenever forget this popular saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Good health for happiness- Conclusion

Good health is the property and heir of the healthy parents for their children on providing a proper and good life because if on maintaining our health on good condition from childhood than future health will be secure and remain happy forever. Good health is just like the giving respect to the body by taking care of it, and taking good health by receiving the good response from it.

Good health, being the person as the good health one should not be over smart to the weak persons and showing the impressions as the great person. We should give up all the bad attitudes and habits that effects our health. Smoking, drinking, unwanted drugs are injuries habits for our health. An unhealthy person is a burden on the family. Good health will bring all happiness in life.

I just one to give one message for good health is that there is no message but Live your life like as never before.

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