Essay on Importance of English Language- 300+ words

Essay on Importance of English Language- 300+ words


  English LanguageAs we know that we are in the 21st century or we called the modern world of technology and living in the world of Globalization with the common communications for all called the English language.
The English language is a common language besides the mother-tongue of own respective ethics and is speaks all over the many countries. It is considered a universal and applicable language for the people. Most of the universities and colleges in the world include English as one of their major subjects.

English language as exchanging ideas

English is the first and foremost criterion to apply for a job or seeking admission to a reputed college or university. Companies welcome those candidates who are fluent in English and have relevant English. Be that as it may, applicants with significant capability without having appropriate information on the English language are being dismissed.
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     The English language is the only language, which is widely spoken all over the world. The English language is a common language and it is spoken in many countries in the world. English is also often used as an official language in almost all over the countries in the world.
    So, the English language has great importance in the world’s globalization. Its importance becomes very clear that all international pilots should speak English.
Most important books are written, published, and printed in English. Without a basic knowledge of English, it is very difficult to understand the world civilization. No one is able to exchange his or her ideas.


Hence, English becomes a “lingua Franca“, a contact language, for the people of the world. It is also the dominant language in the United Nations. As it internationally famous language, we have to learn and master it.
Then we can develop our personal care and personality. It’s knowledge chisel our brain power which becomes a prestige in our society.                              

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