Essay on Importance of forest in our life listed with 10 importance ways

Essay on Importance of forest in our life-listed with 10 importance ways

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Importance of forest essay

Definitions of Forest:

Forest – Whenever we heard the word forest we think of many plants, trees, and animals in there. So, we say the forest is the land of trees. The place where we can find huge numbers of different trees in. We can find different kinds of shrubs, herbs, and grasses. Forest is a most valuable asset from nature. It is for all living species and also manages the ecosystem of the planet. It helps us to maintain a healthy environment for all the creatures.

Importance of the forest:

About one-quarter of the surface of the earth is covered by forest. Forest is the place we can consider as the first home of living things. In an ancient period, people used to live in the forest as a home after a certain period of time people developed the concept of making a home for themselves. In today’s date also wild animals depend on forests for their shelter and food. The importance of forest cannot be measured in any term because we are directly or indirectly dependent on it. The fresh air we breathe, water, fuels, livelihoods, and many more things we obtain from forests. Here we list some basic importance of forest can be listed below:

1. Forest provides shelter for many species:

We all know that our earth is full of different kinds of species and they are highly dependent on forests for shelter. Forest is not only a collection of different plants but also a beautiful place where these species spend their life comfortably and happily.

2. Forest provides food:

Another important of the forest is that it provides food to those animals. Basically, animals are divided into herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores on the basis of what they eat. Those animals which eat plants are herbivores animals. Those animals which eat meat are carnivores animals. Those animals which eat both plants and meat are omnivores animals.

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We all can know that all kinds of animals, directly and indirectly, are dependent upon forests. Green plants eaters animals directly depend on forests for food and those which eat meat are also indirectly dependent on forest because they eat the meat of those animals which survive their life by eating green plants.

3. Forest provides different herbal medicine:

We all know that forest is the area where different kinds of plants are found in large numbers. Some plants are used as a medicine for different kinds of diseases from ancient times till now. Many diseases are cured through medicine which is made from natural plants which are found in forests.

4. Forest provides fresh air:

One of the importance of forests is that they provide fresh and healthy air for living beings. It receives carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which is very important for human beings. As we know if there is fresh air then we are healthy and alive.

5. Forest helps to grow economy of country:

Forest can be the income of a nation if it is properly organized. Many resorts and parks we can find all over the world which is located inside the forest. Not only that herbal plants found in the forest are also can be exported at a good price which helps in the growth of the economy of different countries.

6. Forest helps to generate employment:

Another important of the forest is it can generate employment for people. If people open herbal products then there will be a necessity of a certain number of people and that can generate employment.

7. Forest helps to maintain peace of mind:

In today’s busy life people suffer from different kinds of mental stress and that can be healed by the natural beauty of a forest. The scenario of the forest helps people to maintain peace of mind. We all know that nature has that power of positivity that can heal any kind of problem in people’s life. So, it is also one of the important things that we can get from the presence of the forest.

8. Forest helps to maintain proper environment:

Forest help to maintain a clean and fresh environment. It makes it rain in time which helps to make the environment fresh and also helps to improve the agricultural condition of the country. It helps to maintain a cool environment. It helps to maintain global warming all over the world. It cleans dirty air and soil which helps to maintain a proper environment.

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9. Forest helps to reduce natural disasters:

Natural disasters like floods, Landslides, soil erosion can be reduced with the help of forests. The roots of the trees are very useful to control such natural disasters. If there is the absence of forest then all living creatures have to face several kinds of problems. So, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of forests.

10. Forest provides all necessary stuff for mankind:

Furniture, woods, medicine, and many more things are found in the forest and which is used by human beings. So, we can consider it as one of the importance of forest that we are gaining benefits. In ancient times human beings depend upon forests for several purposes. So, we can say forests are the root cause that human beings are living on this beautiful planet.


In conclusion importance of forest, we can say the forest is the lungs for all human beings. Everything that we owe today is because of the forest. We should always be thankful and we should take good care of it as good citizens of the country.

We should be responsible for properly taking care of the forest so that we can get organic contribution from it. We should make sure that we should be concerned about the protection and prevention of forests. Awareness programs should be run by the local, state, and government about the importance of forests and the importance of water to mankind. If we maintain proper care of forests then we can make our life happy and beautiful. So, we should promise that one man one plant for every one compulsory.

One should not forget that Planet earth is habitable not because it is a habitable planet but it is so because of the green forest in it which gives fresh air to breathe for all species.

Saving Forest Means Saving Tomorrow ! ! !