Essay on Lockdown

Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in better a way

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Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words

Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in a better way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in a better way


Lockdown” is the combination of two words  “Lock” and “down” which means it is completely shuttered down or everything that has been open or run is now closed or prohibited to open as usual days. Lockdown means the restrictions for the people to act openly in outer space or out of their house. It makes the people stay in their home or in a safe place. In common sense, it is for the sake of the people for being a blast of the virus or any other infections in them.

Steps follow in Lockdown Periods

  • Lockdown is an emergency protocol executed by the government.
  • It is a situation in which people cannot enter or exit a specific area.
  • It is a safe method to protect people from such pandemics.
  • All other services are bared except emergency services.
  • No person can get out of the house without the necessary work.
  • Milk, vegetable, medicine, and some shops will remain open during the lockdown.
  • Hospitals and clinics will also be open during this period.
  • The police departments will also continue to their work.
  • Journalists and news reporters are allowed to move during the lockdown.
  • The rules and the instructions made by the government should be followed by every individual.
    Stay home Stay safe.
Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in better way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in a better way


Lockdown means the measures or steps that are conducted by the particular state government or the local to save the people from reducing their life. It is acted by the superior for the protection of their people.

In fact.

Since the coronavirus, Lockdown has become very common in our life.
In simple words, a lockdown is a period of time when we have to stay at home.
During this period everything remains closed except for some essential services like hospitals, grocery stores, medical stores, etc.


This leads to destructions of life Without lockdown

Lockdown plays a vital role in saving people from the infections or the virus that is being spread. It is the action taken by the government or the higher authority people for securing the human race.  During the lockdown all the human rights and responsibilities are preserved for their own protections, only some emergency work can be permitted or allowed.

Lockdown is only that process or the medium through which the destructions can be controlled over such periods. Infection or the virus can occur serious problems that arise in the state or the country. The virus comes as a problem for the people by being spreading from the air or any source of transmission from person to person which usually leads to the destruction of life.

Causes/Reasons of Lockdown

Lockdown may come from mainly two reasons or Problems. Whenever the lockdown is announced by the state government then there must be a certain reason or cause. Only the huge problems occur in the lockdown. The Problems can be categorized as Pandemic and Epidemic.

Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in a better way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in a better way

The term Epidemic means the diseases that are spread with a certain boundary or the state we called as the Epidemic virus or diseases. This type of virus causes the lockdown in those particular regions where the infections are highly spreading. The government of that particular boundary organizes the different types of good care works such as supplying the foods, water, and other basic things in helping and supporting their life. During the lockdown, they also run the medical camp and health care activities so that to help in fighting infections.

Where in other cases like the pandemic, the disease or the virus that is spreading all over across the world and creating problems by the same diseases and causing the destructions of life with the similar symptoms called as the pandemic. In this type of problem whole world comes together by supporting and helping each other.

The government has to take strict action and apply the lockdown in their country. All the transportations and flights (domestic as well as international) should be restricted in each infected and non-infected country. These all measures are for the safety of every individual people. In this type of problem, all the nations come together in search of the vaccine or the antidot of that particular virus or infection.

All Nations Leaders Come Together

We are moving towards the great future but with the great inventions and the innovations there arise many types of problems. That problem may be various types like the virus, infections, or anything that harms the people in the society. All the nation’s leaders protect their people through the lockdown.

Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in a better way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in a better way

We still don’t know that how the virus or the infections comes from but when it comes, it seems very harmful and dangerous for the human race. The problems don’t rely on the country’s border because when the virus acts it takes the life of any region or geography.

Viruses don’t have any limited boundaries and insanely disturb mankind. Due to which the state or the government defines geographical regions as the red zone or the alert zone. It is the time to show the humanity and kindness that still exists in the human race. It is not the time to show the personal ego and self greatness, it is the time to raising the voice together.  Therefore, all the leaders and the respective field people come together to fight against such problems and difficulties in the countries.

Lockdown Teaches Importance of the Life

Lockdown in the country or in the particular state also should promote and encourage the people to live safely. Lockdown enhances the ability to check the patience or calmness of the individual during a difficult time. It is time for humanity and mankind in supporting and helping each other in a needy time. We all know people only focus on the receiving but one who has a sufficient supply of basic needs should donate to the needy people.

People learn so many things in such time where they get to know that money is nothing during hunger because foods help to survive in such periods, not the money. Many people came to know the importance of life and try to protect themselves from the virus through any process. Lockdown also teaches the people importance of life and the sense of freedom in human life.

Healing the Nature During the Lockdown

Lockdown may be hard or normal for some people according to their experience of life during the prohibition. We too know that it is for saving and protecting the people from the virus getting infected and getting locked in their own homes. But the matter of fact is that this helps in curing nature from being destructions and over pollutions. In the normal, the whole is in so much chaos of traffic, pollutions, crowd, temperature high, etc that we never think of nature caring and protecting.

Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in better a way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in better a way

People just live their life by pursuing their life goals with think of the environment they live in. We should also take care of nature so that to have a better future. We too know that the earth’s temperature is increasing very rapidly, every year the percentage of the co2 in the ozone layer is increasing rapidly ever recorded in the history of mankind. But the lockdown helps nature to heal and gets some cool temperature in the environment. Due to the long lockdown, the sky seems clear and beautiful.

I wish in the world there should conduct the program of lockdown for one week or some periods of time. There should be a law of one-week lockdown every month for nature protection. Lockdown can be all the transportations, factories, industries, etc can be banned for a week in every month that is suitable for people surviving too. Those one weekdays may be called the eco-cycle days. These rules should be strictly followed in the global world as a universal law act for nature mother earth. At least we can do this for protecting the human race through the process of lockdown.

Conclusions- lockdown

Lockdown, whenever we heard this word we feel very bad and sad because the lockdown only occurs when the country people gets some serious problems that may be diseases, virus, or any other harmful acts for the country people. And yes it will be cruel moments for us to survive in facing the various problems that come with the lockdown but we have to remain safe and stay in the home for our own safety.

Good Essay on Lockdown - 1000+ words in a better way
Good Essay on Lockdown – 1000+ words in a better way

Lockdown should be conducted through the local, state, and central levels if possible. Every individual should follow the government orders and rules during the lockdown and stay in the home. Government should organize social awareness programs through the radio, TV, internet, and through many sources of communication. The local government should run the health camp programs in different wards in safe manners so as to provide basic health treatment in the needy time. It brings all the nations together for fighting against such periods.

So, be safe and secure the relative’s life in such periods by following the proper precautions and safety methods. During the lockdown, your all wants and desires should be locked within yourself because if do so you will survive and see a better day tomorrow. So, lock yourself during the lockdown for tomorrow.