Essay On My childhood Days-600+ words

Essay On My Childhood Days-600+ words


ChildhoodThe word Childhood refers to the years of your youth, typically it refers to the time before you turn 13 and become a teenager, although it can be considered legally an adult. It is the age span ranging from birth to adolescence. The concept of childhood emerged during the 17th and 18th centuries, by the philosopher John Locke.

The memory of My Childhood days

According to the Dictionary, the meaning of Childhood refers to “the state or period of being a child.’ Everybody in this world has different experienced in their childhood. It is the first stage of life. A family is a place where the child is firstborn and taken as the first school for life.

When I turn or look back to the days of my lovely early childhood, I do not remember much. I only remember how my old grand-mother and other relatives fondled me. I used to sit in the evening by her side. She would tell me fairy tales of the king and queen and stories of ghosts. I listen to them with rapt attention. These seemed to be true to me.

How I spend my childhood days

Most of childhood is filled with fun and laughter, like those of others childhood. The memories and fonds of childhood have their own place in any individual’s heart. I still remember those days clearly when I first went to school for being a social animal. It was a new life for me, but I liked it very much. I made friends with many boys there. I went to school with them and I enjoyed them very much.

My teachers loved me very much. I was never afraid and shy of them and they never beat me, I was just as friendly as the family members. I did my lessons well every day. I was fond of storybooks. I read the stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. They left a deep impression on me. My grandmother grew very old. She passed away when I was 11 years old. I loved her very much. Sometimes mother scolded me for doing some mischief. But my grandmother shielded me. I was quite safe there. So I felt incredible distress at her demise. This is a miserable memory of my youth.

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When guest arrive 

The most important thing which makes childhood memorable is the love and care of the family and family members. A child has the purest and kind-hearted heart any human being can possess and all that heart desires is love; no matter what the circumstances are.

Whenever the programs or the ceremony is in the house, I myself stay at home for several days because it was a very happy occasion. My heart fills with joy and happiness. On the day occasion, our house was crowded with friends and relatives. I supplied water to the guest. I still remember those days I was tried to helping with the housework. Thus I spent the day in a middle way.


Every child must give love, care and must give the opportunity to enjoy his or her childhood to the fullest by their parents. Studies are important but one should not overburden a child with extra-curricular activities one should not forget the fact that these activities can learn later also but childhood once goes never knocks on our door again.

My those days of childhood were really spent in happiness and lots of fun, there was only the sad incident of my grandmother’s death. I had no cares and anxieties. I thought of eating, reading, playing and writing, etc. Now I am a grown-up lad.  I cannot now pass days so care-free as I did in the past and live its the fullest.

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