Essay on Obedience -400+ words

Essay on Obedience -400+ words

Introductions of obedience

Obedience¬† ¬†– The word “Obedience” refers to those person who is highly obeying the rules and regulations. In the other sense obedience means the social being who is always rightly accepted that never go beyond or against the systems made for the society. It the basic part of human life that every parents, teachers and the seniors wants us to have in our daily life. Every individual in the state of carrying the orders and obeying the rules.

Obedience For Social being

 Obedience is a great virtue. It is the value that every individual should know the importance of it towards the nations.It is not the constitutes that bound the unity in the persons heart but the feelings of obedience that protect the law of the country which brings the patriotism in every social being. It is the root of the progress. Our parents give us some affection and care and they wish our great in-turns from us.

They always try for our welfare. Obedience helps in motivating the life as some meaningful life in rising the proud moment for us. Thus, we ought not do what they deny us and consistently attempt to tune in to the instructors what they recommend to us since they generally need bravo. We don’t increase any information that is certain to society by their instructing on the off chance that we don’t obey them.

Learn obedience to Obey

We, human being are the one of the intelligent social animal and so we live in the society. We should comply with the laws of society. If the society is not under the sense of obedience than whole society will be in the state of dead zone. People will quarrel and fight among themselves, rising the new level of problems and issues that can’t be handle peacefully. They will commits crimes. People cannot live in safety. There will be no peace and harmony in the nation. so,can say that, the importance of obedience is much important for every nations.

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-value of discipline


If we want to command or direct others, we must first know value of obedience and learn to obey. A country can be in the state of progress and well civilized in the people are obedient. The civilized men are obedient. We should applied in our daily lives too, so our society could possess to positive world and live in a beautiful world.

So, we must be Obedience to our respective duties and towards the nations security.

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