Write a short Essay on Plastics Pollution- 550 words

Write a short essay on Plastics Pollution- 550 words


Plastic is the most useful material ever invented by human beings which is lightweight, durable, low-cost, and has a wide variety of applications ranging from a pen, which you use to write on paper, to waste plastic undoubtedly has been one of the greatest achievements by men. It is by far the best gift for humans in daily life but humans have not imagined that overuse of plastics without the recycle, reduce or reuse methods, the life of a human is endangered because of the plastics pollutions

How the uses of plastics affect us:

Plastics are so common to humans that when we enter a hospital, we never fail to notice plastic vials, bottles, syringes, tubes, and many more articles made of plastic, those which are for saving many lives every day all around the world. We all know that the use of metals to manufacture pens would be costly and using glass, though cheap, it is not a durable material. Plastic is used in the manufacture of cases, bottles, containers, tumblers, chairs, tables, and many more.

It also, in some way or the other forms a part of almost all electric equipment, be it the sheathing of a wire or a plug casing, or even the keys of your cell phone. Plastics are finds in every daily life activity such as in an automobile, and aircraft parts; in kid’s toys, and everyday articles like a brush or a comb. Since it is obvious that plastic cannot be rooted out completely, we must at least try and reduce our dependency on it. Abstain from tolerating plastic sacks when you complete the process of shopping.

Therefore we must carry paper or a jute bag with us when we go shopping so that we avoid disposing of plastic along with organic wastes. It is very bad to throw waste food in plastic bags or containers because it harms nature very effectively.

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Benefiting by proper use

We might just save a life by avoiding the use of plastic chairs or tables, for that we could use wood/metal instead which could also directly benefit nature. Plastic is formed from crude oil. So lesser usage of plastic also means lesser demands for crude oil products. Plastics are very harmful to humans so keep plastic articles and materials(with small parts) away from the reach of children they should always supervise when they are playing or working with such potential plastic articles.

How to overcome Plastics: Conclusions

Plastics are the key to the degradations of environments as the more hazardous variant of plastic when it is non-recyclable because it poses a greater threat to our environment and the eco-systems. The trouble arises because we have no definitive way of disposing of this plastic and hence it lives on in nature forever. A few steps that could be taken to tackle or overcome such type of problems are:

– The government should ban the production of non-recyclable plastic and also manufacture products that use them. Non-recyclable plastic can be used for asphalting roads, as supplementary building materials, and as support structures. Extensive research must take place in finding better methods of disposing of non-recyclable plastic. Nowadays the overuse of plastics causes many health problems to human beings as well as animals too, so there must be control over the use of plastics by the governments. The greenery is disappeared by the plastics so afforestation programs should be launch.

– IN conclusion, every one of us knows that plastic is here to say. But how we let it stays left to us. Let us make better use of what nature has given us in their respective purposes.

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