Essay On School Dropouts - Problems and Solutions

Essay On School Dropouts


Drop out– Although most students in the world complete school, a large number still drop out because of family, social, and work pleasures. Such type of strong issues requires serious action from both local and the central government. 

School dropouts mean to lose the generations for being a part of the development of the nation. As we all know that the education is the most important things for the human. It is like the oxygen to mankind but the school dropout will direct the coming future to the loss in the innovations in the name of progress and development.

How the schools’ dropouts face the problems

Most students in most nations do not complete school because of family problems. Girls are forced to get married and start a family. Due to the lack of educations, some parents do not support their children in studying. Social problems are also a contributing factor.

Education is compulsory but some people do not take it seriously. The conditions are that jobs are available even if students do not complete the schools or educations. The third reason is work pressure. We all that in this era most of the families are poor so the children have to work in order to increase their income by leaving the educations of their life.

With the lack of educations, almost all young people are empty skills and far behind their talents and they will not be able to improve their lives for the family and the country ever they have to struggle for their whole life.

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Solutions for dropouts
To solve such types of several things that can be done about these problems or drawbacks. Guardians ought to be urged to send their kids to class. There should be baby minding facilities in the school, especially for married students.

The local and central government should give more priority or importance to education and should apply the new policy for educations which helps the people economically. Such type of policy and law will encourage students to stay at school rather than start working which helps the nations for developing more skills manpower.

There are several things that the government can support people for educations and finished school properly. However, a number of social attitudes also have to change if the country’s people are to achieve their full potential.

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