Essay on Social Service for students-350+ words

Essay on Social Service for students-350+ words


Social services– Social services are a scope of open administrations gave by the administration, private, benefit, and non-benefit associations. It aims to create more effective organizations, build stronger communities, and promote equality and opportunity, which means services of society with no personal gain. It should be the most important, must be a part and parcel of daily education which is voluntary services. We live in the public eye, in this way we need the assistance of others. It has been a practice in all countries. It is one of the best ways of improving society and making nations more independent in terms of developing their own.

Social Service provides a good deed to others

Social services refer to the variety of programs made available by public or private agencies to individuals and families who need special assistance. It provides a wide range of services which vary from one locality city or town to another. It has various forms. Rich people can give it by spending money. They can build schools, hospitals, and orphanages. Poor people can serve society by doing manual labor. They can help in constructing roads, digging, drains, building dams, cleaning streets, giving awareness programs, etc.

Educated people can serve society by teaching and instructing the illiterate peoples. It brings a spirit of sympathy and co-operation. Man is the social animal and all the generations of our dependence upon the services that are provided to society.

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The services mean not only helping others in need but also a proper way of leaving humanity towards the generations. We the people born in society and it is our duty to make our society as a place of unity and sharing which is possible by the social services provided to the present society.


Social services enhance people’s minds living in a proper way of life. Social services are mostly the cause of humanity towards the people who suffer and miserable life. Many organizations in the world have the main aims of social services which are possible by several objectives. To do a social service is the heavenly work that encourages more and more to do good work. It is not such type of services waiting for anything in return but must understand the favor of improving the once life.

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