Essay on Students and Social Service-500+ words

Essay on Students and Social Service – 500+ words


   Social serviceSocial services means serving society. It means helping the people in trouble or the problem. There is a close relationship between society and the man, both are independent of each other without the presence of one component, we can’t imagine another one.
We are social creatures and can’t live alone. We require the help of others too. In the event that individuals plan something useful for society or a specific individual, at that point he does the social help. In a man’s life Students, life is the most important life because it is the life where a man learns the basic concepts of life.
Students have a more noteworthy extension to offer social assistance. Besides studies, they have enough time for games, sports, and amusements. They can all the more likely utilize a bit of their recreation in giving some valuable and significant administrations to society. They can do it individually or in groups.

 Social service is a great service to society

       Social service is one of the best and legit ways of improving society and nations. It is a means of repaying the debt to society. All the students get their knowledge from society and in return, they have some duty to do something good for society and also themselves through sincere social services.
Students can provide social services in several ways. There are many people who are illiterate, for the progress of the country it is essential and necessary to teach them the basic knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic process for their general life.
They may set up small night schools in their local type for this purpose. If they do care and paying their full attention, illiteracy may be removed.
They can teach them to take health care, render services to people ravaged by natural calamities, run awareness programs so they can remove superstitions, providing mobile health campaign in the society, enlightened people about social evils like drug addiction, dowry system, etc. 
Programs of blood donation and other charity for helping the needy people. In any kind of problem or accident, students can provide considerable help whenever need. It will be an incredible assistance to society. It is a great obstacle in the way of the improvement of our society.


    Students should provide knowledge about the laws of health and sanitation, as a result of enhancing the proper healthy life in others. They should help the distressed and sad people. Students should know that charity begins at home.
They must teach the importance of social services for our own personal development because it is a student’s first and foremost duty to serve and protect their parents, brothers, and sisters, his kith and kin without serving their own family, cannot serve the distressed section of the society.
Students are a great source of strength and power to the country for the development of the nation.
If they are rightly and safely guided, they can really provide very valuable service to society which would be the greater manpower in the country. If they are under proper guidance and get the proper feedback during their bad situations and have noble inspiration, they can work wonders.               
 So, for good social services students and all the people from the local level should organize the sanitation program for caring the nature and the environment. 
It is our duty and responsibility to take care of nature in the better version as we can for the coming generations. Social services by the students’ means, it helps in encouraging others people also apply the act towards the good causes for the society and the nations.              

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