Sweet Essay on the Democracy

Sweet Essay on the Democracy – 400+ words

Democracy Meaning

The word democracy is derived from two words ‘demo’and ‘cracy ‘ . Here ‘demo’ refers to people and ‘cracy’ refers to the rule of government. Thus, democracy is simply a system of governing the state by the representatives of the people.

Democracy is the freedom of aim and desire to choose. In this process, one can have the right to choose the law of the government.  It is related to a political system in which the government is formed by people’s representatives who are periodically elected by the people themselves. Most of the countries in the world are exercising democracy nowadays.

Democracy Provides Freedoms

In a democratic system of forming a government, the elections are periodically organized. The governing parties must compete with other parties on equal terms. The votes are cast by people. The government must be chosen by reasons and foresight instead of greed and fear. Thus, due to this system of forming a government through people’s wishes, it is regarded as the best form of government. Democracy does have some salient features and strengths as well as some weaknesses, too.

Democracy owns multiple strengths. For instance, it vests the sovereign power of people. Sovereignty is a supreme power inherent to people, it controls the misuse of power and wipes out the autocracy of a powerful body.

It creates an environment to develop the country properly as all things are carried out a favorite of people. The voices of people are heard properly and action is taken. In this way, this system provides equal opportunity to every individual. It also preserves human rights such as the right to education, the right to information, etc. It promotes freedom, peace, and justice as well.


Democracy does have some demerits, too. In a democratic nation, it’s the common people who hold the right to elect their representatives and their governing authorities. But not all citizens are fully aware of the political scenario in their country. the common masses may not be aware of the wrong choices during elections. Further, some people even say that the money to be used in the development is expensed infrequent elections. For instance, it. As a result, the process of development paces slowly.

Despite some drawbacks, democracy is certainly the best form of government. That is why most countries have adopted democracy. But democracy must be in substance, not only in the form. It is possible, only when people are aware of their responsibilities and duties. And the elected body should have a sense of obligation towards the people and must use the power for the benefit of the nation.

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