The Farmers of Nepal


Essay on the Farmers of Nepal
Farmers of Nepal

Farming the land is the primary and most significant control of the Nepalese individuals. About seventy percent of the people here are farmers and peasants. Hence, due to which the country’s economy is basically dependent on the nation’s agriculture. Farmers, as well as peasants, live in the villages of the hills and the plains. Since the nations are partly each separated by the regions so their costumes, traditions, languages, and social practices differ from place to place in each respective place.

As Nepal is a landlocked country so, most of the farmers in these nations are not in the proper condition. In spite of hard work in cultivating the land, they cannot get even enough food to eat. They are surrounded by problems all the time. Peasants’ condition is worse. They living huts are dirty and not well managed, they have almost rags clothes for wearings. They are ignorant of the importance of good sanitation and clean drinking water. Sick farmers cannot get proper treatment in time. Due to poverty, they cannot afford their children for schooling. They are too poor that cannot send their children to their level schools.

The agriculture product of our farmers is not satisfactory despite their toiling on the farm from dawn to dusk. They generally apply traditional methods of farming. They lack improved seeds and chemical fertilizers. Irrigation is a common problem. Most farmers have to depend on rainfall. They have to sell crops at low rates.

However, the government has always taken some measures to improve our farmers’ and peasants’ condition. Agriculture Development Banks and Rural Development Banks help them get loans with a low rate of interest which farmers payback in certain installments. Farmers themselves should be responsive to change. They should try to keep up with time.

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