The importance of Agriculture

Essay On The Importance of Agriculture


Agriculture: The word agriculture means the process of cultivating the fields for growing the foods in full-filling the needs of the living creatures. All the living creatures in the globe depend on agriculture without it we can’t exist to date. Every nation in the world mostly depends upon it. The agriculture of the nations affects the economic statistics of the nations.

Civilization began with agriculture. When our ancestors began to settle and grow their own food, human society was forever changed. Not only did villages, towns, and cities begin to develop, but so did knowledge, the arts, and the technological sciences.

Agriculture is Responsible for Economic Growth

Nepal is an aggro-based country whose 70% citizen still relies on agriculture as the major source of income. Even though the majority of the citizens have an occupation as farmers, many of them don’t even possess their own land i.e. needless to say they are landless. Agriculture is the factor field which is most responsible for economic growth in our country.

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This means till now agriculture sectors cover more than one-third of the national economy. The data of CBS 2011 reveals that 60 percent of farmers are unable to produce enough production in order to sustain their livelihood. Due to which facing the many difficulties during the feeding. Being we are moving towards the modern world we still far behind the technologies.  If we could focus on a systematic and scientific agriculture system then our national economic growth would reach a greater height.


The realization of a better country’s economy with a prosperous agricultural sector is their but unwillingness to act upon it is a problem. Due to a lack of education more, 60% of farmers don’t know about the concept of irrigation they mostly depend on rainwater. Lack of proper education or training, farmers apply the same old fashioned way of farming that yields less than that new techniques. Due to unbalanced fertilizers by the farmers in the field, the management of the harvested crop has been one of the prominent problems for their farmers. Orchards of Humla and Jumla are inaccessible for the people of Kathmandu due to no proper transportation facility resulting in the rotting of those products.

Some farmers don’t have land for their own to cultivate whereas some have unlimited lands that are left barren. Thus, there happen to be many problems in the agricultural sector that had to be addressed by the government.

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