Essay on the Importance of Education – 400+ words

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Essay on the Importance of Education


Education is preparation for life. It is the light of life. It is a continuous and life-long process. The most valuable, precious, and life long property of an individual is education. Education helps in acquiring positive and constructive changes in life which is the basis of lives. It makes our life really progressing, prosperous, and meaningful of being social animals. Everyone wants to be well-educated. therefore, we see many students are going to schools, colleges, and universities.

Essay on the Importance of Education - 400+ words
Essay on the Importance of Education – 400+ words

Education plays an important role in the progress of social being without it, we all social animal are in the society of false world.  With educations one can feel the feelings of independent and self care for society. Its the educations that makes every being to have some responsibilities and duties towards the nature and society.

Education is equally important for all human’s being

Education person can identify the good and bad behaviours towards the society perspective. As by their base of knowledge, they do not blindly accept or reject anything by the outer view. They are not normally conservative and blindly traditional. In fact, education makes people have a prosperous life.

Education considers being the root and breath of development. It provides the people of nations skills and knowledge with technical and administrative manpower. Every nation must require educated manpower as, without it, it cannot develop its condition appropriately. Technical manpower such as engineers, doctors, mechanics, pilots, run factories and produce more crops and vegetables, we need technical manpower. Similarly, administrative manpower is equally important everywhere.

Education can reform society

Education promotes national unity. If people are well- educate, they can understand the need and importance of national unity. It is sure that national unity is the most important factor for the development of the individuals’ personalities, society, and the whole country.

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If every people have the knowledge, skills at particular subjects too and united as a family in terms of developing co-operative manners. The whole nations would be more valuable and by the result, the feeling of fraternity gets strengthen with power. Educated people reform their society.

They can lead the uneducated people to their success. We have seen that the countries, which can educate all the people properly, have developed their condition. For example, most of the industrialization countries, such as the UK and the USA, gave priorities to educate their citizen.


Education is the most beautiful thing for an individual that can’t compare to another as it helps them to live a happy and successful life. The progress of the nation depends on its educated manpower. Everyone should be educate to learn and live life. Education is one of the basic needs for us. That’s why everybody is expected to be educated. It is said that education brightens and enhances human civilization in the world.

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