Essay on the Morning Walk for the Peoples- 400 words

Essay on the Morning Walk for the Peoples- 400 words:


There is an old proverb that ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Morning walking is the most vital exercise for the human body to remain in a state of a healthy mind. Every person in the world should be more concentrated in the morning walk and running for better improvements in health. It is light precise and best for physical fitness. The morning environment has the fresh air and the moist that is in the green grass which alternatively best for the other health problems of the body.

Morning walk for a healthy life

The early rays of the rising sun are a benefit for healthy skin as it contains the vitamin-D which better for the skin and body adequately.  ‘Health is Wealth’ and doctors also recommend a morning walk to their patients for gaining sound health and freshness of energy. About a one-half kilometer from my house, there is a big football ground with the greenery grass in it.

Every morning at 4:30 am we all friends go for the morning walking and running in the ground in that has. On the way we meet other people, whom we know by now, heading towards the ground for the physical exercise. In the morning time we most of our time play football for more than 2 hours after walking or running than we together for football. During the match, we all friends crack some jokes and have lots of fun with exchanging our own thoughts and greetings with each other that alternatively beneficial for the health.

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In the day time, all friends are busy with their own personal work and problems but also some of our friends miss our morning walk and running. As we know during winters mostly the people stay indoors but during summer young and old alike are seen enjoying the beautiful and cool weather. The dewdrops on the leaves, grasses, and flower petals shine like little pearls. The ground also contains the forest backside of it from where a beautiful and fresh smell of nature can have which makes our eyes very cool and good one.

Morning walk for everlasting days

It is almost the same scene daily and the same people we meet in the ground but the charm of early morning is everlasting. We all friends run around the ground almost 4-5 rounds of the ground, after complete rounds, we let ourselves rest and fall on the wet grass and roll happily on the softness below. At that time the softy sunshine like a moon which provides the light warm for the body we called the vitamin-D and change eye colors as captivating. Thus, a regular morning walk is necessary for maintaining a sound body and mind and for the everlasting day.

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