The Responsibilities of an Ideal student 


  The main aim of education is to produce ideal persons to face the responsibilities of the future. This aim can be achieved only when the students are fully sincere, diplomatic and they acquire education in the real sense. Just giving a few questions answers and passing the examination or the terminal is not an education.


Essay on the Responsibilities of an Ideal Student
Responsibilities of an Ideal Student

      A student is a person who devotes himself to the pursuits of knowledge and learning. It is, therefore, the first and foremost duty and responsibilities of an ideal student to seek knowledge and applied it. The quest for information requests difficult work and full dedication. Unfortunately, students do not realize their duties. They have confined education.

interest in all the activities

      Their most prominent reason for existing is to get a passing mark in the assessment by snare or by an evildoer. They adopt all the foul and mistakes means to get through the examinations. The ideal students enrich themselves with knowledge. In practical life, only those students come out with the best colors who had acquired knowledge. An ideal student enjoys learning. He goes deep and deep in search of knowledge. He is not a bookworm. An ideal student knows that a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind for a healthy life. He takes interest in all the activities that promote his physical health and mental health. He goes to the playground with the same pleasure and enthusiasm with which he studies in the library. A perfect understudy knows about social perspectives and partakes in all the aggregate exercises.

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        Ideal students respect and honor their teachers. He knows the place of teachers and respects for the teachers, who are opening the gate of glories for him. He is humble and obedient. The more he learns from his teachers and elders, the more grateful he is to them. The more knowledge and skills he gets by the experience faced by them, the more humble he becomes. An ideal student is not a frog in a well but a person with greater visions, ideals, skills, and experience. He is regular and punctual. He doesn’t take an interest in antagonistic and negative exercises. He confines himself to his studies and task. He does not keep association with such elements whose purpose is to damage the cause of education. He believes in simple and plain living. He is kind and generous.

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