Essay on the Uses of Internet

Uses of an Internet – Introductions

 Internet– The term “Internet” stands for “International Network” or also called the  “Global Network”. In human common sense, the internet is a sea of information or books in the space library.


It connects the whole world as the source of communications. Internet is the term for systems worldwide that connect a network to other devices to communicate between them. Nowadays, life cannot be imagined or run offline. It makes our daily lives easier and faster. Thanks to the internet, people do a lot of work living in their own homes.

The Internet as a Helpful Source

The Internet is now becoming a major platform for providing a wide variety of digital information where people can do more and learn about digital input programs for their own purposes in relevant courses. It is most useful and helpful for the students and children to learn and for teaching purposes.


It is a source where people can access their skills and knowledge online and is open-source for any age group without limitations and is bound as free.

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  It evolves the lots of innovations in our society or social being. Now, everything has gone to an online base. It is the network where users can get information, ideas, creativity, etc from any other computers at any time at any location.

One of the discoveries of modern science, which has changed the way people live, is the Internet. It is widely used for a variety of purposes. These days most people are Internet users because of its usability, easy access, and its efficiency.

The use of the Internet has been a great benefit. It is a great source of information. It is much higher than the encyclopedia. We can get information about anything we want to know if we examine it carefully. There are many websites, such as Google, Ask, etc. Where we can find any information we like.

The use of the Internet can also apply to teaching and learning programs. These days we can find any e-books and journals that have made it safer for readers to read e-materials directly than what is published.

The Internet as a time saver

In addition, the Internet can be used for business purposes, and we can find many online shopping websites, which are typical of today’s businesses.

In fact, online business is very economical, as there is no need for shops and exhibitions. The product image is updated directly on the websites. Interested customers check out the products and their description customers come to order the goods they want and find these goods at their door. Therefore, online business has proven to be useful to both retailers and consumers as it saves and saves time.

The Darkness of the Internet

The Internet as a global network of communication but with good deeds also has negative effects on human life too. Every advantage comes with some disadvantages too. The things that users can be affected only when they users seeking bad activities and affect the user’s concern for what they want. As we know, if you give yourself time to value life you will gain knowledge and skills but some generations of young people these days are wasting their time and energy on unusual online activities. All information available online is not 100% accurate, there is any incorrect information that harms personal information such as illegal activities. Some youths are obsessed with pornography and wish they could indulge in it too.

The Internet can be overused and misused

The use of the Internet is not limited to this. we can find many uses of the internet for a variety of purposes. It’s been a way to connect people. Various social networking sites such as Facebook, messenger like yahoo and g-mail, and apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Keep the task at hand. Aside from the variety of applications and benefits, the Internet owns the black side, too.


The use of the Internet endangers the security of data due to hacker activities. Similarly, some important e-books cannot be purchased by students in developing countries because of their low purchasing power but students from developed countries easily find themselves truly unequal.


In addition, overuse internet invites many health problems, such as eye problems, obesity, back problems, etc. Therefore, the Internet can be overused and misused by some of


The invention of the Internet has given us a tremendous amount of useful benefits. But there are limitations, too. It makes our lives more meaningful in many ways and more loving.

The internet was discovered for the good purpose so that social being over the world comes under one platform. It was for sharing information, feelings, emotions, skills, living a healthy lifestyle, etc with others. But in the current era, users are doing some harmful activities that harm other’s life too. So, we must know the importance of the internet and the use of the internet in the present time. 

Excessive use of the Internet is not good for the health, which directly affects mental, physical, and social health as well. Therefore, we must use it for our own good. when used for the proper purpose, it is certainly beneficial.

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