How to write best essay on Transportation

How to write the best essay on Transportation-350+ words


Transportation The word transportation is the movement of humans, animals, and goals from one location to another. Transportation is a great invention in the history of mankind. In the history of transportation, the first-ever transportation was begun through the means of assembly of trees trunk for crossing the river probably called the raft. However, land transportation was not really developed until the inventions of the wheel before our times.

The basic of transportation begins about 3000 years before our time. In ancient, the horse was a good mode of transportation for humans. The changes in the centuries bring changes in the different types of transportation by the various innovations in terms of transportation. Most of the people don’t know that we are always in the means of transportation because human’s first means of transport involved walking, running and swimming.

Transportation Helps in Developing

The role of transportation is very important and plays an important role in the development of a country. The means of transport, for example, trucks, buses, ships, planes, etc carry people and goods from one place to another easily and quickly in a certain time period. In this modern era, there is a high importance to transportation. All people depend on transportation to supply the necessary items for humans like medicines, textbooks, clothes, foods, and other basic needs, etc.

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Transportation is the thing that helps people to unite and connect to each other who live s in the countryside. Transportation enables us to set up factories, promote tourism, helping businesses, etc. Without having any transportation people cannot do anything to the country, life becomes much slower than before. It broadens our minds. Transportation that makes mankind more success in this generation. It is important because it enables trade between people of different sectors living far from us, which is essential for the development of civilizations.


Transportation helps us and tourists to reach in every place of the once country. It helps us to strengthen national unity and sharing the culture. It brings in contact with the people who live far away. So transportation is the most important thing in the field of science without it we cannot think about anything possible things in our whole life.

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