Essay on value of Discipline in Students and children life

Essay on value of Discipline in Students and children life


The value of  Discipline–  The world Discipline itself is a great dignity and honour that every social being should possess. It is the system of rules for conduct. It is the most important character in every living to be a success and helps in developing the responsibilities of once duties. Man is a rational being, hence we do not behave like animals. We think before we do anything so that we may not bothering others, we thus observe certain rules using common sense in our everyday activities. Obeying such rules is discipline.

Needs of Discipline

Culture and human advancement could never have created on the planet without discipline. It is fundamental for the whole gang. It is a preparation of the brain and character, targeting creating discretion, compliance and various abilities. Severe control ought to be forced on younger students since it is their adornment.

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Everything in the world needs a proper discipline to operate its functions and system because without it everything goes out of order that will never achieve the goals. players at play must observe certain rules and regulations. In the absence of discipline in a classroom teacher faces problems with teachings. Likewise, indiscipline among citizens creates hooliganism and chaos in a community. At home, children should be taught discipline right from an early age.

Discipline makes life peace

It is extremely essential among soldiers and policemen. In the event that they need discipline, they can’t spare the country from external assaults, nor would they be able to keep up harmony and security the nation over. Discipline equally plays a vital role in an as well as a political party. It is indispensable for success in life because only a disciplined person’s talent gets valued.

If every people are in the state of discipline than I would say it would be the day of peace in the world. So, why do not take it as an integral part of our life?

Discipline is important for our life

Discipline is that process which is needs us. We can see many people are lives their own discipline. Discipline is one of the important words in our life. Discipline means doing work orderly according to the rules and regulation, being punctual and regular. We can see discipline is need in different area. It is also important in social areas. Every human being takes rule which is made by the social person which is useful them. Discipline word contains so much value in our life and its important can be saw anywhere and everywhere. The learning of discipline starts from the home and the school.

Discipline is important for our life to get the success. The children should teach the discipline from their childhood days so that it remains lasting and beneficial. Discipline students are always punctual and they complete their work on time. Discipline is also important in war. In war the leader what you say and what type of make a plan that plan the shoulder should follow this rule. They don’t follow this rule and this plan they get bad consequences. So discipline is useful word.

Discipline helps the students to achieve their dreams and goal in every aspects of life. It helps a man to be good person rather than a good businessman or any other professions he follows and be successful in life. Lack of discipline creates failures, disrespect and confusion in one’s life. There are many social, physical, psychological and health benefits of a discipline life.

Discipline perfects the Personality

Human is a gift from god. We all need discipline at many stages of our life hence practicing discipline from childhood is helpful. It is required by students, office person parents, teachers and everyone.

All of us follow some or the other discipline in our lives. Waking up early, sleeping at night , taking a bath daily, reaching office on time , reaching school on time are all examples of discipline.

Discipline is a set of rules that govern a person behavior. It helps in developing self control. It molds, strengthens and perfects a personality.

Discipline shapes our life and teaches us how to handle different situations. It helps us to focus on our goals. It helps us to live a peaceful and healthy life.

It is secret of successful people. The most successful people follow discipline in their life on a daily basis it builds self confidence in us and makes us strong to face many challenges. Discipline is one successful word because it helps every moment in our work.

Indiscipline on the other hand causes lots of problems and confusion. It hampers our progress and peace of mind we all must follow discipline in our lives. It is the key to the path of success.

Discipline as power

Person with discipline is highly respected and cared by the people of the society. It seems easy to be maintains the discipline but the person who is carrying such prestigious tag knows the real price and the sacrifice he has done to maintain its dignity in his whole life. Once you understand the nature of the discipline you would love to apply in your life till you die. We know that with great power come great responsibilities. So, discipline also a power to a human being, as you know the power of it, the life becomes more interesting, courageous and life becomes fully meaningful of living. A life without discipline is worthless and meaningless. It is just like the life without the goal and the dream.


Discipline should be transfer from generations to generations. It also the basics nature for human being to live the good and better life. A good person always transfers the values of discipline to the coming generations as to maintain the dignity of humanity to the future era too. So, for better future we should teach our coming generations the values of the discipline for the welfare of the coming generations in supporting the elder generations to the youths.     

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