Essay on value of Health - 300+words

Essay on value of Health – 300+words


Health– The word health refers to meaning as “soundness of body”. The physical of a human being is made up of several organs and systems. A man is supposed to be in ideal wellbeing as long as these organs and frameworks work easily and in a sorted out manner. A sound individual looks upbeat on account of his amazing body and quick psyche. A  sound body has a sound psyche.

Health comes first

The value of health is the most important asset in the world. A healthy person can cope with the problem in life. He can struggle and hard work for success and lead a happy life by enjoying the quality of life which he desires for. A healthy student can study rigorously and so, he can achieve brilliant success in life.

Essay on Good Health -500+ words

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WHO characterizes ‘ Health ‘ as a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity. If a person is unhappy, he cannot struggle with problems, or for anything special. Success remains beyond his access. He is always concerned about his ailing organs. He cannot take an interest in anything else. He becomes a burden to his family. Ultimately his life loses all meaning.

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If a person wants and desires to be a happy and healthy life and to comfort life than, he must improve his health. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, he should not eat dirty or stale food. He should always drink clean water because contaminated water is the cause of most diseases. One should bathe regularly. Teeth must be brushed twice a day and clean clothes should always be used.

Nourishing foods like milk, eggs, butter, and meat are essential for everyone to keep the body healthy and strong. A balanced diet and regular exercise improve anyone’s health for sure. In addition, a regular morning walk should never be missed. We should never forget to put into practice the essence of the saying:
” Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

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