Short Essay on Women Rights and Its importance To Nation

Essay on Women Rights and Its importance to People


Women’s rights mean serving the nation by both men and women with equal opportunity. The world is the social area of human society consisting of men and women. On the off chance that the two people are taught, they can assume an equivalent job.

There is a saying that a man and a woman are two of a cart. So, if any one of the wheels is weak or disorder, the cart cannot mobilize properly. The advancement of the country likewise relies upon female training with different significance to countries.

Women rights effects by the areas

In most societies, women are neglect. Till this era, women are considered to be the toy of enjoyment and reproduction, which is not the kind for them. In the context of Nepal, only less than 30% of the females are literate whereas the average literacy rate is 55%. The vast majority of the ladies are limit in family unit exercises. In view of being uneducated and ignorant, the greater part of the ladies are preservationists and crude towards the present society.

The men or the leader of the house believes that the women are for only households and kitchen purposes so they don’t give high priority to schools and colleges. The girls in the urban areas are getting more opportunities than girls in rural areas. Most of the females in urban areas are educate.

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Female education is very important for society. As educated women can help their families, society, and country. If they are skillful with education then, they can look after their children properly and teach their children good manners, discipline, and lessons life. The mother is the main educator of an infant. Similarly, an educated helps her husband to make their life properly successful.

Women Should Give the Free Opportunity

Women should train properly. They need different sorts of aptitudes and information. They can learn simple subjects like home science, child-care, first–aid, needlework, tailoring, interior designing, etc. Besides, they can be engineers, specialists, educators chairmen, pioneers, etc. It is said that females are not suitable for military training, but they should give a free opportunity to choose their careers.

Importance- Conclusions

With regard to a creating nation like Nepal, unskilled ladies ought to be made educated by running grown-up proficiency classes for them. We all should encourage them to be literate and then be educated. these illiterate women can be properly taught by educated women of the society.

As the result, educated women can get a job that is scary and significant in society. If all the women in the society are educated, social evils, such as the dowry system and child marriage, can be wiped out from the society
In order to develop our societies, all the women must be educated that’ why women education is very important.

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