Essay on Wonders of Science

Essay on Wonders of Science-400+ words


Wonders of scienceThe word science is based on the true facts that are always analyzed over the sever evaluations. Today is the 21st century which is an Age of Science. Electricity is perhaps the best marvel of science. Nest to man, it is the most important and revolutionary creation in the world. It has brought about a stupendous change in the industry. With it, our modern gigantic machines are work. Computer as additionally mini-computers summarize aggregates and make different estimations with the most extreme precision. Newspapers and books are printed in millions overnight. There is not a single phase of human life and its progress that is not indebted to electricity.

Sciences in our daily life activities

Innumerable indeed are the blessings of science. We light and warm our homes, we drive the machinery in factories, we run our trains and buses. We send our messages, chat with individuals a great many kilometers away. The television has shortened time and distance. It is a decent method for guidance and diversion. The electric telegraphy,  telephone, mobile, freeze, the electric bell, the electric train, the electric fan, the electric heater, the electric bulb, are but a few of the many wonders of science.

Science enables us to transport ad communicate

Man has conquered air. Now he wants to conquer space also. Electricity has enables us to travel in airplanes and fly into the cold atmosphere of the sky. Travelers, before being taken off, are supplied with electric wires which resist the cold of the upper air.

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Broadcasting by itself is a miracle of science. Ships in danger can send messages and receive immediate help. Teleprinters bring us the latest news and photographs from all over the world. Many great feasts of modern engineerings, such as the making of the Panama Canal, the Suez canal have become the possibilities of this century.


Science has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our corn, lights, warms and propels our machines, lifts for us the heaviest weights, also runs our factories, fans us in summer and warms us in winter, cheers us in trouble, and transmits our messages. It diagnoses internal diseases and cures them. In fact, there is hardly anything that science does not do for us. Atomic energy has now possibilities of use for many purposes. There are many incidents that occur in the present situation due to such miracles of science. Such are the wonders of science.

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