How to Write a Job Application for students - Writing Sample

How to Write a Job Application for students – Writing Sample


To whom it may concern

I have known Bibek Koirala for the last 4 years. I was his assistant authority in the Big Mart project for 3 years. During his tenure, I got an opportunity to closely observe Bibek through our daily interactions.

Bibek has shown his talent and skills during every project and the results were always the best, without any shadow of a doubt, among our top-performing executives in the projects. Bibek is a fast learner and in a short duration, he gives additional responsibilities which have execute flawlessly. He is also a thorough professional and team player. Many times, he has gone beyond the call of duty to help his co-workers with their tasks. Bibek is excellent at multitasking and he can work on many assignments simultaneously. He single-handedly managed one of our assignments which earned a huge profit for our organization.

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He is a self-starter, and is always proactive in initiating and implementing innovative programs in the office. Recently, he was made the team lead of a 6s team for the department. His hard work, continuity and efforts fetched our department an award in the organization.

I sincerely hope this letter will help you in marketing a favorable decision about Bibek. Energetic and driven employees like him are hard to find. We hope he will prove to be a valuable asset for your organization like he proved for ours. I strongly recommend Bibek for the position of Chief Executive Analyst in your organization.



Laxmi Pokhrel

LJ bazar

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