How to write the best essay on Child Labor

How to write the best essay on Child Labor-500+ words


Child LabourAccording to Wikipedia the child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school and that is intellectually, truly, socially or ethically hazardous and destructive. It means that children are forced to work like adults and take part in economic activity. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), the term is applied to people up to age 13 or 17 in case of dangerous work, which means the employment of kids in an industry or business, particularly when illicit or thought about exploitative.

Child labor is Against child rights

Child labor which is celebrating every year of 12 June in around the world but also there are millions of child that are under the labor that is the most crucial activities in the current era which goes against their rights and duties. There are many small children involving in the works. They are street children and usually keep themselves busy in collecting plastics and used cans. They do such things instead of going to school. A youngster attempts to appreciate the privilege when it takes birth.

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The right in which a state should ensure the child is known as the child right. Every child should get proper affection, primary health care, a balanced diet, clothing, a good education, and the environment. There are many types or kinds of child labor.

Children are often found in hotels washing dishes in their ragged, many children work in tempos as a cleaner, some are found in working carpet factories, industries and some are working in the garage. Orphan children are discriminate against on the basis of caste and sex. These youngsters leave their homes to work in lodgings, rhythms, processing plants, and at different spots since they might be poor and experienced neediness. They want to work as they cannot afford the right educations and other basic needs of humans which are required in the surviving process.

Child Labor means sacrificing life at an Early Age

Child labor is the act of employing children at an early age. It has become a social issue. The main cause of child labor is an economic or financial state. Parents below poverty. Parents below poverty lines are not able to fulfill the basic needs of their families, so children are forced to work on low wages in unhygienic conditions.

Due to poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment, parents send their children to work in various workplaces instead of sending them to schools. Sometimes the children have to work only for their livelihood. But some employers often compel them to work in unhygienic and illegal surroundings.

Sometimes children are force to work beyond 10 0r 12 hours a day and do things that can be done only by adults. As a result, children suffer from many kinds of diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid, cancer, lung disease, etc. Sometimes they have to sacrifice their lives at a very early age.

Children are means to Learn 

To build-up of a nation, children should be taken care of very well and they should be nurtured in the right way the children are the future and backbone of a country. In order to eradicate the child labor Government should take necessary steps and people should be very aware of it and its bad effects. The government should provide employment to the parents of child labor and allocate the necessary funds to educate and nurture the poor children.

Children are just like the buds of the garden. So, they must be nurtured very carefully and lovingly as they are the future of the nation for a better tomorrow. Which is only possible through the right education to build a better society. It is the responsibility of the citizens by not hiring children for work and encouraging them to get an education. Children are a means to learn and not to earn.

  All Work not Classify as child labor 

Child labor in nations means that the country’s economic rate is very low. Not all work done by the children should be classified as child labor if it does not affect their health and personal development regarding being some positive activities. These kinds of activities contribute to children’s development and to the welfare of their families which helps them to be productive members of society during their adult life.


Child labor means compelling them to work against their will. So these activities must stop by bringing a law in an effective way. All the children should provide education and they should not discriminate against on the basis of sex, religion, color, and caste. They should not give mental torture. Child welfare centers and child courts should set up. All the parents and the respective person should respect the child’s potential and their dignity. They are the future pillars of a nation, they should give proper care and freedom living the childhood days, that enhance them to contribute a lot to the progress of the nation.

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