How to write the best essay on Deforestation

How to write the best essay on Deforestation for students


Deforestation-Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stands of trees from the land which is less then converted to a non-forest use. It is the cutting down of the forest in large numbers,  decreases the shape and size of the forest. It includes the destruction of trees in area, size, mass, and appearance. Which is very harmful to mankind and other creatures as well. It degrades the environment. The term Deforestation stands as the
Reduction  of Forest 
It happens when the forest is permanently destroyed and the land is used for other purposes.

Deforestation is the global Problems

About 31% of earth’s land surface is covered by forest and it provides habitats over 80% of plants and animals that live on land but deforestation destroys that habitats and diminishing Biodiversity. Some survey shows that about 4-6 thousands forest species go extinct each year which also affects more than 2 billion people who depend on the forest as a source of foods, shelter and other basics needs. There are many causes of deforestation which include rapid population growth. Poverty, ignorance, unawareness, lack of knowledge, superstitions, overgrazing, etc.

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deforestation leads to many problems in the environment and invites many kinds of natural disasters such as floods, landslides, soil erosion, irregular in temperature, lack of water supply, drought, etc. Deforestation arises the major global problems for society and the environment. It hugely affects the life of this planet whole atmosphere as well as threatening the cultural and physical survival of mankind. When there is a lack of both plants and animals, it degrades the eco-system and blocks the path of basic humans needs.

Causes Many Natural Calamities

   Most of the deforestation occurs by burning trees and clear-cutting.  People are responsible for the diminishing of trees. People chopping down trees for fuel, for making houses and urbanization, for logging, livestock, etc. They take their cattle in the forest for grazing. People cut down a large area to establish factories to manufacture goods for them. It impacts the amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in a worse condition. Due to which it decreases in rainfall, groundwater, an increase in the level of carbon dioxide-called global warming, loss of habitats and causing many natural calamities. The disrupted water cycle means more impacts on nature. It is considered to be one of the contributing factors to global climate change. It also occurs negative consequences for the plant, animal and other species.


   Deforestation should not be neglect by our open eyes we must take some action before it becomes worse. Today’s all generations are in the state of taking in or big curse by the future generations because we taking all the uniqueness of the beauty of nature. So globally we must launch a tree-planting campaign to save trees, jungle, environment and to stop the deforestation. People should participate in the programs of the community forests. Cutting down of woods for firewood and timbers should be strictly checked. Planting more trees will not solve the problem completely and will not help the species that have been devastated. People should more focus on recycled materials like paper, glass, aluminum, steel, bottles, etc which can be made into new products. The Government should provide an alternative source of energy for cooking.

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