How to write best essay on Poverty

How to write the best essay on Poverty- 550+ words


Poverty The word poverty is the scarcity or the lack of a certain(variant) amount of material possessions or money for fulfilling the desire or wants. The word poverty comes from the old(Norman) French word poverty’ which means poor. The current poverty rate of the world 2018 is 11% which is approximately 800 million people in the world, which means people surviving on only $1.90 a day. It refers to the complete lack of the means necessary to meet basic personal needs like food, clothing, and shelter. It mostly affects the social, economic, cultural, political elements of human life.

Poverty is the most worse experience that makes one’s life as hell during the occurrence of wants and desires. It is the state of being poor. There are some people who think that poverty is a curse but it is not always true. Many great people in the world have come from poor families. Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln are some examples of it. Some people lack material wealth but these people are not poor spiritually and mentally. Poverty depends on one’s own thinking. Poor people believe in simple living and high thinking.

Poverty leads to Difficulties

Poverty is not the gift by the divine it is just the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. According to some people, poverty is the root cause of many social evils such as racism, alcoholism, superstitions, inequality, crime, etc. Every people have dreams to be wealthy in their life to comfort his/her family. To become rich ones should be hard-work and effective in the work, but if the person has bad activities than it brings a great disaster to him/her. There are two kinds of classes in our general public; the rich class and the poor class. A poor man is born in poverty and usually dies in poverty. But a poor man leads an honest, truthful and courageous life. He is bold enough to face the hardships of life.

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Most of the countries are facing the problem of poverty due to their’s various unstable political conditions, superstitions, conflicts, lack of pure water supply, lack of infrastructure, etc. It also encompasses low levels of health and education, poor access to clean water and sanitation and insufficient capacity and opportunity to better one’s life. Some of them have very difficulties to have a two-time meal in a day. Some poor people also live in cities and towns. Poverty is the main cause of population growth, due to which it exceeds food production and other resources. It gives rise to a beggar problem. This problem can be solved only when poverty is removed. Poor people begin to believe in superstitions and they follow traditional beliefs, and they become conservative. If there is poverty, there is ignorance and illiteracy. Then the country cannot progress.


Poverty cannot be permanent, we can bring the change in poverty. Some people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty, and the global rate is now lower than it has ever been recorded.  We cannot remove poverty in one night. It is a long process. The government should bring a strong economy, investments in family protections and nutrition assistance, removing the government constraints on services, earning and income among the young generations. A peace government can increase economic security, expand opportunities and public health insurance, control of crime, raising the minimum wages and grow the middle class. It can be wiped out steps by steps. Educational awareness can remove poverty.

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