How To Write The Short Essay on My Best Friend- 575 words

How To Write The Short Essay on My Best Friend- 575 words

My Good Friend- Introductions

How To Write The Short Essay on My Best Friend- 575 words
How To Write The Short Essay on My Best Friend- 575 words

A true Friend multiplies our joys and divides our sorrows. Happy is the man who has a true friend. I have many friends but personally I prefer Amrita Limbu is my good and better friend in my life. She also play a vital role in developing my personality as who I am today so far. Today, 2019/12/21 December Saturday is her special day because today was the day when she came to this earth so today is her Happy Happy Happy… Birthday, wishing her great success in the future. I have so many wishes for but that wishes to evolve from my heart and hoping for my all wishes comes true in her lives.

I wish her no matter you lose or wine no matter how you are talent or hard workers but always remembers that never lose your hope and most foremost never give up whenever your life suffers from obstacles because I know my friend that she always stands against such problems as she is a brave girl for that I am proud that I am her good friends.

A friends memory are inexplicable

Amrita Limbu, I personally met her in the school days life during my socialized days. In past days we go to the same school and we were in the same class but the facts were that we both did not know much each other very well because during that time we were mostly focussing on our studies only.

Many days, months, years and seasons have gone we all know the meaning of friends after we were gone for higher studies. During the school days, we all friends had a good memory and moments of remembers but those days the golden days that which cannot be compared to any other things in the world.

Loving the nation
She comes from a noble family. Her father and mother are good parents as she behaves show that how well they raised her with a simple life. She is the only daughter of her parents before her brother. So is the apple of their eyes. She believes in simple living and higher thinking. She wears neat and clean clothes. She believes that we are the citizens of the country Nepal and as the good citizens of these nations she loves her nations so much that she shows respects in every culture and tradition. She loves being Limbuni and her culture so much. She too believes that we can do somethings in our own nations for living without leaving the nation.

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Friends must show humble in nature

She helps the poor and the needy. She is very intelligent. She is good in her studies and focus. Everyone who knows he likes her so much as she treats everyone as her equals. She is kind and generous to all. She speaks politely, mannerly and kindly. She doesn’t boast of herself. She is very humble in nature.

Currently, she is doing the jobs in the Balmiki Boarding English School and She is very regular and punctual in her classes. All the students love her as she owes this loves by her kind gestures. She doesn’t waste her time unnecessarily, during her free time manage to create some interesting arts by herself.

She has good health. She also takes care of her parents in terms of providing all the needy and desires things for life. She is quite beautiful and active. She is fit and strong. She has good manners. I am proud of having such a good friend in my life.

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