Essay on Importance of Women's Education in Nepal- 550+ words

Essay on Importance of Women’s Education in Nepal- 550+ words

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Essay on Importance of Women’s Education in Nepal- 550+ words


Women’s Education means the nations of equal generations of women’s rights with the same feelings of determination, hard work, dignity, innovations, and cooperative relations in developing the human races parallelly. 

Human society consists of men and women. If both men and women are educated, they can play an equal role. There is a saying that a man and a woman are two of a cart, if one of the wheels is weak, the cart becomes imbalanced and cannot move properly. The progress of the nation also depends on female education.

Causes of lacking education in women

Women’s education until this era is still not the satisfying result as in most societies, women reject or neglect. Most men considered women to be the means of enjoyment and reproduction, but it is the worst level of social being and which is also not good in terms of society. In the context of Nepal, only less than 30% of the females are literate whereas the average literacy rate is 55%.

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Most women are limited in household activities. Because of being illiterate, most women are conservative. Our society believes that women are the external property so from childhood most the parents limit the level of their education up to their bounded level so most the women are lacking education in schools and colleges.

Women’s rights effects by Geographical regions

Women’s rights also depend upon the area or the geographical region in which they are living, surviving, and hosting their lives. The women of the town area and the village area differ in the quality and quantity of women’s rights numbers. The girls in urban areas are getting more opportunities than girls in rural areas. Most of the females in urban areas are educated.

women’s education means society’s education 

Essay on Importance of Women's Education in Nepal- 550+ words
Essay on Importance of Women’s Education in Nepal- 550+ words

Female education is very important. Educated women can help their families, society, and country. If they are educated, they can educate others too, they can look after their children properly, and they can teach their children discipline and good manners, behaviors, and lessons. The mother is the first teacher of a baby. Similarly, as we know that every successful man has women behind him. Educated women can help their husbands to make their life properly successful.

Women should provide a free opportunity 

Women should be trained properly. They need various kinds of skills and knowledge. They can learn simple subjects like home science, child-care, first –aid, needlework, tailoring, interior designing, etc. Furthermore, they can be engineers, doctors, teachers administrators, leaders, and so on. There is a saying that females are not suitable for military training, but they should have been given a free opportunity to choose their careers.

Women’s education develops our societies

In the context of a developing country like Nepal, illiterate women should be made literate by running adult literacy classes for them. We all should encourage them to be literate and then be educated. These illiterate women can be properly taught by educated women of society.

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As a result, educate women can get a job that is dignified and significant in society. If all the women in the society are educated, social evils, such as the dowry system and child marriage, can be wiped out from society.
In order to develop our societies, all women must be educated that’s why women’s education is very important.

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