Jogging and Its Benefits for all People-500 words Essay

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Jogging and Its Benefits for all People-500 words Essay


Jogging is the part of exercises where people do some physical activities by walk or running for body health called the term jogging.  These days, Jogging is quickly turning into a normal exercise routine found in the greater part of the individuals. All Doctors and nutritionists advise their patients for jogging that helps in bringing many health benefits which are the required steps of it. Daily jogging means, It helps to increase stamina and helps us to keep fit and healthy.

Widest method for fitness

Jogging is the best way to fight against body fats because it is the most low-cost or cheap way to better results. We as a whole realize running methods the moderate running. That slow running may be in the roadside walk or in the park and garden. Running getting celebrate since the twentieth century and it is turning into the amplest technique for body wellness.

Controls the Body Weight

It helps to increase muscle mass which directly helps to decrease body fats and keeps the human body fit and healthy. Running is useful for all periods of individuals, everyone can do the running, however, ought to keep up the mood. If the rhythm of jogging is managed then it promotes strength and good condition which helps to control the body weight.

Playing football could also be Jogging

Jogging has numerous advantages that each master offers guidance on it. But for me, football-playing feels me that I am doing jogging is also a fun activity that gives me great pleasure. I enjoy football very much and enjoying breathing in the air of the early morning, the sweat from the body makes you feel lighter and also listen to birds singing and seeing the beauty of nature through the first rays of the sun.

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Enjoying the Jogging by me

I began jogging when I was ten years old. My friends asked me if they wanted to join us for jogging on the ground and I agreed. We jogged for about thirty to ninety minutes. At the end of the playing or jogging, I was out of breath and felt very tired.

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The next day, my friends asked me out for jogging again. I was somewhat reluctant to join him the second time. My friends sensing my thoughts assured me that it would get easier day after day and that I eventually would enjoy jogging.

Improving the stamina-conclusion

Needless to say, I went for a jog for the second time, and then a third, and from then on there was no quitting, it becomes a continuous habit. I fell in love with this activity or football as jogging. Gradually we increased the playing hours for jogging. First, we started with certain time periods and then increased it to one and a half. Little by little, we increased the numbers of friends, and as our stamina improved. Now, we play or jog for at least three hours daily.

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