keeping fit essay

keeping fit essay – 800+ words simple

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keeping fit essay – 800+ words simple

Keeping fit

Keeping fit means the state of the body to remain in a good health and correct shapes. We all know that keeping fit enhances life in a better and healthy life. In this modern computer world, health fitness is the key to success for a better life. But with the progress and development of new technology like the transportations, factories, etc that causes the climate change and increasing the pollution day by day and has hugely affected the lifestyle of the human body.

keeping fit essay - 800+ words simple
keeping fit essay – 800+ words simple

We know that fitness means the act of the body for the health but most people have forgotten about maintaining and keeping the body fit. Due to this the people’s lifestyle suffers from huge problems like heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, asthma, and certain types of cancer and are being rises in the number. As most of the people are far from the level of keeping the body fit and continue with their unhealthy life.

These such types of unhealthy lifestyles are seen in the countries like Nepal, and India mostly as they madly desire with the testy food and unhealthy meals as we as the inactive lifestyles that have taken the healthy life and fitness from them. The government of every country calls to live healthy and fit lifestyles but has fallen on the deaf ears. Which enhances our coming generations of couch potatoes.

Causes of the inactive lifestyle in our life- keeping fit

Keeping fit means you have to give the top priority in the ways of keeping fit so that life would remain a disease-free life. To obtain such quality of keeping fit, requires sacrifice, determination, hard work, discipline, and consistency in the lifestyles for keeping fit.

Keeping fit arises with the sacrifications of the desired foods but whenever people see foreign foods, it makes the people more and more hungry. Nowadays people’s choice of foods is changing according to time as they want foods that appeal to the taste regardless of nutritional values.

Due to which we just gorge ourselves on food that has high fat or oil content such as oily food, fried chicken, French fries, etc. They are also attracted by the highly sweet food that contains an excessive amount of calories. These types of food make people’s life more inactive in the lifestyle of keeping fit and causes the different types of health problems that remain in our body forever.


Things required in keeping fit our body

Fitness is the key to proper health and peaceful life. As we know that health is the wealth of human life that nothing in the world can compare the importance of health. Health is a priceless and immortal thing in the present world. So, keeping fit our body required some exercise and consistency in maintaining the proper health. What we need to do is that first, we should control the food that gives high calories to our body. Which helps in reducing the extra weight of our body intake of calories in the phase of the exercising.

It is important in choosing nutritious food that is relatively low in calories which is the right way in moving our direction to keep a fit body. We know that we are not educated in every sector of our educations related to human health and fitness. So, before we act in the strict rule of fitness and go for the diet or weight reduction program, the best way is to consult with a qualified nutritionist or dietician.

Keeping fit is not only about the diet, weight reduction program, fasting, etc. But it is also the process of choosing and buying food products with healthier ingredients. Healthier ingredients mean food that has less fat and oil content but with high fiber and nutrition.

Importance of the Regular Exercise

Exercise is the most and foremost important thing in human life. It is an integral part of keeping fit our body. Exercise, life without it, is just like life without the frictions. Frictions make our physical body move smoothly and actively. So, we can say exercise is the friction to the body in keeping fit. For that, we must do regular exercise because regular exercise not only helps to maintain the weight but also helps to increase the fitness levels too.

keeping fit essay - 800+ words simple
keeping fit essay – 800+ words simple

To increase the fitness level one does not have to vigorously work out in the gym, he/she can also keep fit body by even walking up the stairs, jogging, brisk walking, yoga, morning walking, playing sports, etc, and make the life good forms of exercise.

In fact:-

According to the health experts, an individual regular exercise at least three times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes makes the health better too and helps in keeping a fit body. That is why regular exercise is important for the body to keep healthy fit.

Things to be avoided for keeping the body fit

Keeping our bodies fit means we have to sacrifice some of our bad habits that are harmful to our health. Healthy life comes with healthy habits with positive thoughts in our minds. As we know that keeping fit requires changes in the aspects of our lifestyles. Without changes in lifestyles, one cannot achieve body fitness. We all know that what are the things that affect the health of our body.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc can hugely destruct on our health. If we are habitual of such things then one cannot imagine the good health and fitness of the body. It will be the worst condition for our body that brings many several health problems like smoking increase the risk of developing cancers, liver damage, heart attacks, etc, and many more diseases that wreak the body systems.

These types of people cannot hope to live a long or disease-free life. Habitual smokers and heavy drinkers not only waste the money on cigarettes and alcohol but also on the higher expense in the medical bills too. So, to make or keep our boy fit we must avoid such habits in our life.

Conclusions-keeping fit

Keeping fit enhances our lives in a better and healthy life. Which lightens us that life is a precious and priceless gift from God. It is the gift that every individual should conserve and value this gift as a duty or the order from God.

keeping fit is the right for every individual like man, women, adult, children, and for senior age people too. So, keeping fit is the greatest responsibility of human beings. Ignorance of responsibilities means avoiding oneself from doing something and just wasting the beautiful life without knowing the happiness in it.

This life is the once life for every species in this universe so we must respect this life by getting our priorities right of keeping fit to it. Before it’s becoming the late and victims of our own careless and inhuman habits we must love of body by keeping fit.

So, I suggest everyone in keeping fit your body to stay healthy and wealthy forever. Because life remains peaceful and prosperous when you are healthy and that comes from keeping fit your body.

Stay safe !!! stay home !!! Regular exercise !!! Keeping fit !!!