A letter to a friend describing about home town.

A letter to a friend describing about home town.

PathariSanischare, Morang

11th Nov, 2020


Dear Santosh,

   First of all a warm hug for my dear friend and missing you a lot. My dear friend hope you are doing well there. A greatly thank you for your previous letter of your home town. In the letter you have asked me a lot of questions about my living place too, seems you are more curious about my place. I am not sure whether I will be able to answer all of them, but I’ll try my best to satisfy you on giving the proper details about my home town. In fact, it is my great pleasure to tell you something about my home town. Hope you would love to come to visit my home town, won’t  you?

  My home townPathariSanischare’ lies in the eastern part my country, we called development region.It is the Municipality located in the Morang district, koshi zone of eastern Nepal.  In more, it touches the main highway of our country whom we called the Mahendra highway. It is a adequate town with nearly 1500+ families. It is occupied with nearly 49808+ population according to the census report of 2011.The density of population is normally uniform.

 My home town consists of different types of social groups having the unity in the diversity. As our country is known as the Hindu country, most of the people are sharing their sorrows and happiness with one another and stands by the sides in the difficult time. Most of the houses are modernized, they are made of bricks, cement, steel, iron, etc with the concrete roofs. Only some houses are made with the mud, stone or the woods.

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  My native land is big where its territory is surrounded by the forest which is the main attraction of this place that helps to connect with the nature(lets have look map here).  It consists of the different types of the facilities like providing the education, communication, health care, transportation, deliveries, hotels and bars and many others services that are necessary for the people in the modern time.

  There are numbers of the privates and government schools that provides the quality educations for children of this town. Each ward area has a secondary school. About 70.13% of the population is occupied with literate and educated people. Each year the literacy rates is progressive mode. Number of the hospitals that provides the treatment to the people who suffers from the minor injuries and basic health problems.

  My home town which is little more busy place so most of the people here depends upon business. Some people survive by doing teachers, constructions, business, wholesale shops, and only some people living far from town depends upon the agriculture and cattle.

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  The most attraction place of this region is, its traditional and cultural places that preserve the forest and greenery to nature  including the Manakamana forest area, Limbu forest area, Bhulke simsar, etc and many more( for more details about greenary places in PathariSanischare you can click here) You can enjoy the natural beauty and wonders of this place if you come to visit my place.  There are some of the visitor attractions also that includes the famous cafe like black beans, kitchen times, tappori, etc that provides the suitable and testy foods and snacks to the customers. There is also the Gorkha department store which is the light of my home town(maps here).

  There is market area that usually gets marketing area twice in a week, Sunday and Thursday called Pathari vegetable market  area that is always open for the customers(Maps here) and there is also seperate meat market area where people can get the fresh meats, mostly the chicken, pig, fish, etc that fulfills that the needs of the customers( maps here).

  We also celebrate the many feasts and festivals belonging to the different social groups and we celebrate throughout the year, but everyone celebrates or enjoy all of them together as a family. See the unity in diversity, won’t you?

  There are many places of my town that can’t be whole describes in a single write. I am sure you are more curious to my living place and I am promise I will write about my native town again. Please give my ‘Warmly Namaste’ to all elders family members and ‘warm hugs’ for the younger members . I am looking forward to seeing you in my home town.

With Love,


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