A letter to a friend, inviting him/her to a hill Station

A letter to a friend, inviting him/her to a hill Station:-

3, Madan chowk


Dear Naren,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I am writing this from a very cool and pleasant place. How beautiful is the scenery all around! There is the sun, but quite graceful.

It is not the cruel burning sun as we have in the plains in these hot days. Off and on, fleecy clouds would come and threaten us with rain. I am feeling quite happy, off from the warmth from that you suffer as the sunny days. I want you were by my side. Your school has closed for the summer vacation, thus visit here for more communication and feel more homely and cool.

Here in the hill stations, the environment is very pleasant which is favorable to everyone. I know you love the natural beauty scene very much as you are a nature lover. Everybody needs a vacation to bring the change in life that is the refreshment in the stressful days. To start over with a new energy level there needs a change.

The change will do you a lot of good and improve your health. Together we go hiking and rafting in the cool river. Go fishing and wooding too and shall have a jolly good time here. We shall enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hills.
    We shall have many snapshots of the beautiful hillside.

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    I promise to make your stay here quite comfortable. We have a very good and commodious house and very well situated. I assure you that my parents will be very glad to have you in our midst. We live like a family and we expect you here by the end of this week. Please bring your suitable clothes and a rain-coat along with your books.
     With best wishes,

With regardings


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