Letter to Father who is Far from home, Giving him home news.

A Letter to Father who is Far from Home, Giving him home news.

Patharisanischare-1( Bazar line)


May 5, 2020


My dear Father,

      Yesterday we received your wonderful loving letter. We felt happy to read that you enjoy good health. Now I am going to tell you how things stand here.

     Dear brother has come out successful in the BBS examination. He had passed the exam in the top list in the university. Mother distributed sweets and fruits among neighbors and the members of the family. All of us had a jolly good time. Had you been here, we would have enjoyed more.

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    There is a proposal for the marriage of an elder brother. Mother has seen the girl who is very beautiful and cultured. She comes from a respectable family. Besides this, Asha is a marriageable age. Mother has seen a decent person for her. The boy, who is an Engineer is handsome, healthy, and smart. Mother can’t decide unless you are here. She is satisfied in both cases.

    Uncle and other relatives paid us a visit yesterday which was so beautiful moment. They brought sweets and fruit for us. Aunt is staying with us, but the uncle has gone back today. Your old friend, G.k. Limbu came to see you but went back disappointed. We entertained him well and enjoyed his company.

    I am getting on well with my studies, and have joined the football team. I attended the playground regularly. My game in charge is of the opinion that I will make a nice player.

   Kindly write to us when you are coming home.
        missing you more,
  Yours affectionate,

chitra samba                                                                                                                                                                                           

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