Paragraph on an Ants-250+ words| simple

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Paragraph on an Ants-250+ word | simple


Paragraph on an Ants-250+ words| simple
Paragraph on an Ants-250+ words| simple

Ants are found everywhere and almost in each place in the world except Antarctica. They live in a group so they are called social insects. They are the most beautiful insects to us because they are very tiny and precise small in size. We found that they make their home in gardens, buildings, branches, etc, and in most of often places that we can’t imagine.


The living place of the ants is in the form of mound hills called the anthills. The anthills seem the collection of the mud which is stepping as a mini-size mount. The anthills contain many distinct holes through which the ants can enter into their mound cemented earth. The ants also called termites and they are very hardworking insects. Ants are very laborious and disciplined in nature. They collect the food for the winter during the summertime.

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Ants are very fond of sweet and honey. So, whenever they found the sweet they stick to the sweet and carry it to their homes. Generally, the ants are of two colors as black and red. They have two eyes, six legs, strong jaws, and an active sense of smell. As they are social insects, they live in colonies with several different cast of insects. Ants are the scavengers as they collect the food which was thrown by others.

That means they are independent of other’s killings, garbage, and junk, etc. They are usually wingless. When the ant bits a burning sensation is produced that means their bites are quite painful. Ants do not have the ear, they hear through the sense of vibrations in the ground to their feet. Ants are very diligent. With nature ants, humans can learn the lesson of unity and sacrifice.

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